Chowk Articles

"If a banker can pester you to open an account, why mind a writer exercising his right to open your mind?"

Many years ago, my following articles and blogs appeared on a social media website called CHOWK (now extinct):

1) Never go to Chaanga Maanga

Tahir Gul Hasan
Sep 20, 2000 interacts: 104 Views: 15284
Chaanga Maanga; what a name!

2) Right Burqa, Wrong Lips

Tahir Gul Hasan--
Oct 21, 2001 interacts: 52 Views: 10995
We watch the stride and the quickness of females to judge their age

3) Look Ma, No Pants!

Tahir Gul Hasan
Dec 12, 2001 interacts: 13 Views: 6607
Any user of a public domain name like Osama Bin Laden is neither a trademark thief nor a patent pickpocket...

4) Halloween

Tahir Gul Hasan
Oct 20, 2002 interacts: 90 Views: 13064
What hope could one have from misled leaders to protect the cultural and religious borders

5) The Yellow Coup

Tahir Gul Hasan
Feb 8, 2003 interacts: 13 Views: 5109
Are we all living in a yellow submarine?

6) Uncle Sam Talking in His Sleep
Tahir Gul Hasan
Mar 28, 2003 interacts: 13 Views: 5425
Assorted pearls of wisdom from the U.S. State Department

7) The Wild Side Of The Mall

Tahir Gul Hasan
Nov 6, 2007 interacts: 18 Views: 5535
They changed the name of The Mall Road of Lahore to Shahra-e-Quaid-e-Azam years ago. I was too young then to object and since old habits never die, I will, with a cynical smile, call the lifeline of Lahore by its old name: The Mall.
8) In Search Of Baby Chips
Tahir Gul Hasan
Dec 21, 2007 interacts: 15 Views: 4311
I switched on the projector inside my head, loaded up a dusty reel from the 1960s, and began: ?Once upon a time there lived a little boy who often visited Lahore's Anarkali bazaar...

9) The Snow Will Melt
Tahir Gul Hasan
Jan 14, 2008 interacts: 76 Views: 14335
"So what happened to that Fokker which crashed in the mountains?" sipping coffee, she (Benazir Bhutto) took the words right out of my mouth. Did Billy and Dabbu speak through her?

10) Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

Tahir Gul Hasan
Apr 17, 2008 interacts: 51 Views: 7838
I am late for the Glasgow-bound flight, and although I do say the usual at the check-in counter, my favourite seat near an over-wing emergency exit is already taken.

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Chowk Blogs

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  1. Anthrax
  2. Friends & Foes
  3. India, A Very Happening Place!
  4. Go Away Sick Animals
  5. MQM: What The...?
  6. PLAYBOY & the Christmas Spirit
  7. Did You Say 'Rogue Pakistan'?
  8. Happy Christmas
  9. Have a Happy New 1430
  10. Hitler Enjoyed Coca Cola!
  11. Did You Know?
  12. You Surf You Die!
  13. A Slap On The Face Of...
  14. Joe, Pro-Pakistan?
  15. Miliband Regrets War On Terror
  16. The Tree of Life Eternal
  17. 10 Years Old Brides
  18. Jayshree Gupta in Taliban-Land?
  19. A Bad Day For Science
  20. Ban ChowQed
  21. Islam Film: Dutch MP To Be Charged
  22. Bashers Of Their Own Heads
  23. Hard Rock
  24. Iran Seeks Obama Apology
  25. Fatwa, Ganesh-Puja and Salman Khan
  26. Why Are They Called Cell-Phones?
  27. Dear Yours Truly
  28. Shoes For The 'Chosen One'
  29. All About The Wicked Paedophile
  30. A Tribute To MKG
  31. Afghanistan's Plains
  32. Godless Zionists
  33. Zamzam Facts
  34. Sir Come Sized
  35. Krishna and Hitler
  36. Stand Up And Be Counted
  37. Maxime Who?
  38. Who is a Kafir?
  39. Namaste Nemesis
  40. The Power of a Cartoon
  41. One For Saima
  42. Wo-men In Temples
  43. Nude Worship Ban
  44. And You Were Saying?
  45. A Letter To The Dying
  46. Picnic At Khajuraho
  47. Gloria's Futile Attempt On My Life
  48. Give Others Space Too
  49. Let My People Go
  50. Paulian Twist
  51. Dead Poets
  52. Del-Quin-Del-Quin......
  53. Leenah Doesn't Know
  54. Let Me See Your Superiors
  55. Deep-Thinking Buffalos
  56. The Poor LakaR-hara
  57. Who Is The Stranger?
  58. Answering Mrs. Minhas
  59. Are You Headed For The U.A.E.?
  60. Chowq Loves Stuffing
  61. This Is Just To...
  62. Has It Hit All The Fans?
  63. Reema Lamba
  64. Regarding REGARDS
  65. A Mango-Crate Bound For London
  66. Hangman Wanted
  67. Pak Fouz
  68. Married To Afshan
  69. The Ordeal Of John Suitcase
  70. Don't Be Fooled
  71. Ask Questions Instead
  72. 8 Sickening Videos
  73. Chowq Stuffed-1
  74. Chowq Has A 69 Figure
  75. Chowq Stuffed-2
  76. Chowq Stuffed-3 (meet THE boss)
  77. Chowq Stuffed-4 (the visit)
  78. Today Times-1
  79. Munnu, Chunnu, Guddu, Puppu
  80. What's going on in Lahore?
  81. Dawa's Bad Medicine
  82. Jugni In Punjab
  83. Lahore Blast Video Footage
  84. If I'm separated from you...
  85. What came to your mind, O Creator of the world?
  86. Let Both Of Us Become Strangers Once Again
  87. My Eyes Became Tearful As I Thought Of You today (baby, baby..)
  88. Wherever The Mrikans Go....
  89. Since You've Addressed Me Politely
  90. Dr. So Hail
  91. Another useless speech
  92. What Do The Beards Say Now?
  93. Unwearable BRA Vs Explosive Jackets
  94. Meet The New 'C'
  95. Three Cheers For Bhabi, Hip Hip Hurray!
  96. Good And Willing
  97. Old Dog's New Tricks [�?]
  98. Advanced English
  99. With Friends Like These......
  100. Let The Flowers Touch Your Feet (baby, baby, baby!)
  101. What You've Promised Me (O mother of the 13 royal ones)
  102. That Thing Which Is In You (ooh...babe...)
  103. Feeling Helpless, She May Have Chosen To Forget Me
  104. Is That Not Him?
  105. Yes, You Are A Skeptical Muslim!
  106. American WET Dreams
  107. My Foe, May You Thirst For My (pen-prick)Friendship
  108. (Hey Babe) The (French) Letters That I Wrote To You!
  109. It Doesn’t Matter If You Don’t Play (doc-doc) With Me!
  110. Spiritual Quicksand Of The Traditions
  111. That Love-Gum Of Yours Was Just An X-cuse
  112. From Your (Moulin Rouge) World
  113. I'm Paula Abdul's Lyricst
  114. I Swear Upon The Shame(ful) Gum...
  115. Miss Mari-Bosa Made Me Do It
  116. The Poppy Scorpion’s (singer) Mounted Me!
  117. Come Here To My Hot Zoo!
  118. Everybody's Talkin'
  119. The Job Of The Broken (porcelain) Dil(do)
  120. Can’t You Hug Her?
  121. Verdict From The Hi(there) Court Of Hau-Ha
  122. This Is Not A ChooRhi(sweeperess)...
  123. Our Gore-Mints...
  124. Solar Eclipse & The Moon
  125. The Nightingale and the Rose
  126. The Selfish Giant
  127. The Happy Prince
  128. The Devoted Friend
  129. Unflinching Mama’s Drama For Improved Manners
  130. The Remarkable Rocket
  131. Rafi: A Heavenly Voice
  132. Face(less) Book
  133. Thanks To You All
  134. Eena, Meena, Deeka
  135. 50 Ways To Leave Your (B)luffer
  136. San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)
  137. By The Time I Get To Jehlum (err...Phoenix)
  138. Lethal Leg-Massage (The Mehsud Way)
  139. Building More Buildings
  140. Female Farmers And 'That' Man
  141. State of the Onion Address
  142. State of the Potato Address
  143. They Deserve To Be Shot With A G10
  144. ‘O Haman! Build Me A Lofty Tower’
  145. From Arabia With Love
  146. Of Bloody Emails And Letters
  147. I Earn Abundantly But The Earnings Go Under
  148. Of Raids And Rapes
  149. My right to DELETE
  150. 100 Hindus In A Madrassa
  151. Deathly Silence
  152. Student Throws Shoe At IMF Chief
  153. What Did Kabir Say?
  154. What Weakness, What Desperation?‏
  155. Six Miles Above Mother Earth
  156. BSF Women To Guard Indo-Pak Border!
  157. Islam IS For All, Forever
  158. Poor Christians In Incredible India
  159. The British Crown Wants My Family Jewels
  160. The Most Dangerous Man On Chowq
  161. Let The People Decide
  162. Shahbaz In Showbiz
  163. Off-path PSYCHOpath
  164. A Malaysian Guide For Unhappily Married Couples
  165. With Trojans Like THESE, Who Needs Real Horses?
  166. Wake Up Americans!
  167. Captain Hoh Decided To Go
  168. Masadi MIA
  169. Sugar Sugar!
  170. Frosty Moons / Rainbows In The Night
  171. I Could Eat Them RAW
  172. The Hunt for 2 Million Red Condoms
  173. Wearing Used Condoms With Style
  174. Iqbal Was Definitely Anti-Q
  175. Your Own Fat In Cosmetics?
  176. O Hidden One (Under My Bed), Appear Before Me!
  177. Happy Eid al-Azha
  178. Militancy Is Good For Kashmiri Wildlife Population
  179. German Military Chief Hates The Dirty Job
  180. Are All Germans Nazis?
  181. Globalization and Homeland Security
  182. A New Sport Called 'BanChowqing'
  183. Throwing Babies Off Buildings?
  184. Of Drone Pimps and Prostitutes
  185. Matric-Fail Barry’s Sister
  186. U.S. Military in Japan
  187. Who Are Z-Men Who Control Zee Media?
  188. Al-CIAda Blows Off Student's Jaw
  189. Pricks and Boots
  190. The Impious Planners Vs The Best Planner
  191. Happy 1431
  192. Work Sets You Free (at Auschwitz)
  193. Christmas and New Year Wishes
  194. Mr Jinnah’s Soul
  195. Shania “Shunno” Twain: The Perfect Face!
  196. Shall I Kill Thee Or What?
  197. From Behind Your (fake) Eyelashes
  198. Once In A Blue Moon
  199. Allah is ONE: A1
  200. Would-be Suicide Bomber
  201. Triple-decker ‘Agent Doctor’ Club Sandwich
  202. U.S. Suspects and the CERN Physicist
  203. Dirty American Hippies Love Lahore
  204. Was The Messenger Illiterate?
  205. What Naturally Flows
  206. Will The Real Leader Please Stand Up?
  207. Auntie's Anti-Penile PENAL Code
  208. Rock n' Rollin' Sufi Wanna-be
  209. A Warning To Pakistani Parents
  210. 170 Million People Do Count
  211. Woman Faces Sex For Noisy Jail
  212. Picasso Trips Onto A Woman
  213. Pakistani Passports, British Intelligence And Al-CIAda
  214. The Pseudo Science Of Global Warming
  215. Chowk Insults The Prophet
  216. Chowk: This Site is Restricted
  217. Sitting All Day

    And then Chowk died...good riddance to bad rubbish.

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