Friday, 23 October 2009

Regarding REGARDS

Dear Regards,

Anyone who seeks shall receive; the rest are condemned to becoming mortal interacters at Chowq!

I'm presently out of the Fatherland and without my reference books, hence, I cannot provide you with the exact verse numbers like Dr. Zakir Naik would!

First I must know what is your religion (and sect, if any), and if you practise it or merely grab answers from various sources?

"Quran is recommended by yourself as God's book. Are these Suras authentic?"

I've never doubted the authenticity although I've come across an ancient parody of Surah Fil (The Elephant) written by a pagan Arab poet.

I've read plenty of bitter propaganda, views aired by other religions and Muslims sects, but never have I doubted the thunder and lightening inherent in the verses of the Qur'an.

The thunder makes unbelievers afraid and the lightening only allows them to advance in the darkness by a few steps. THIS thought is actually most beautifully expressed in Qur'anic verses.

I think you're doubting the source of the Qur'an which the misguided think is derived from older scriptures! Yes the corrupted texts have have been corrected by the Quran (e.g. the man-made concept of the Holy Trinity has been called a blasphemy and a lie). Wherever parts of prophetic stories (moral lessons, actually) match, the accusers shout, "It's Muhammad's own invention and in which he was aided by devilish spirits."

"Are they applicable and mandatory for all muslims?"

Yes! What do you find impossible or difficult to follow? Be specific and avoid vagueness. Those who sumbit to the Will of Allah with complete faith never bow down before anyone or anything.

What bothers you? Salah, Zakah, Shahadah, Hajj, Saum, the hellish warnings, the heavenly promises, what?

"Do you consider women deciding their own lives/ careers as a prejudice to islam?"

Marrying off a daughter without her consent or approval (sacrificing her at the alter of one's FAMILY NAME) is both unnatural and against the God-given free will. But using that free will to elope with a lover without considering the hurt it causes to the family also needs to be kept in mind by women. Exercising one's free comes at a huge price.

Everything about Islam revolves around what God (nature, you might say) commands becasue HE knows, whereas we only think we know!

Carrers and lives must look like fairly even bricks in the Islamic wall (it's there not as a hurdle but for our protection); anything that doesn't belong there gets immediately noticed.

Men are women's protectors and providers, and these rights have been God-given. In decadent societies, the first thing they try to do is attempt to alter the natural order of things where a woman turns into a provider and the men become jobless. The economic independance comes at a price and the family suffers. The evil idea is to tear apart the fabric of society by promoting such family life.

Is modern man more tense or the poor one who reproduces without worrying, enjoys a care-free existance with less in his pocket, and leaves nothing for the children to fight over. With both parents working their tails off, is life really good for the educated? No, they are merely slaves wearing branded apparel.

"Do such Suras guide an ordinary muslim's life? Will you/ he consider women subordinate to you?"

The Qur'an is a complete guide (see Surah Baqarah's beginning) for only those who seek guidance, for the rest it may be old tales and severe warnings with dire consequences.

Once you understand that there IS eternal life after death, the concept of worldly trials will become much clearer. The naturalists, the atheists, and the idiolators are just wasting their lives with their own hands.


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