Saturday, 24 October 2009

Is That Not Him?

Well, dear readers:

We need to understand the meaning of the word 'aahat' before we listen to the song. What's the word in English for 'aahat'? Yes, I know you'll all nod your pretty heads saying 'we know what it means' but I assure you you'll all begin by scratching them!

Well, 'aahat' is: a feeling accompanied by very slight movement and noise that gives one the impression as if someone or someting is around you. One may feel this elusive 'aahat' when one is alone and in a pensive mood. 'Aahat' could be a murmur, a rustle, faint footsteps, noise, or other kinds of low intensity sounds.

That settled, let me proceed to praise Priya's face and her thick locks of hair; no wonder Chetan Anand loved her to death (murder, actually).

The wonderful B&W cinematography is by Sadanad. Now who can guess how he gave the clouds that dry-cleaned white appearance, and the sky that dark dramatic look? Come on smarty-pants of Chowq!

And which Chowq smarty-pants can tell me what 'raag' has Madan Mohan based this composition on? Gotcha all, now haven't I?

Movie: Haqeeqat
Singer(s): Lata Mangeshkar
Music Director: Madan Mohan
Lyricist: Kaifi Azmi
Actors/Actresses: Dharmendra, Priya Rajvansh
Year/Decade: 1964, 1960s

Zaraa si aahat hoti hai to dil sochtaa hai
KahiN ye wo to nahiN, KahiN ye wo to nahiN
KahiN ye wo to nahiN...

Chhup kay seenay meiN koi jaisay sadaa daytaa hai
Shaam say pehley diya dil ka jalaa daytaa hai
Hai usee kie ye sadaa, hai usee kie ye adaa
KahiN ye wo to nahiN...

Shakl phirtee hai nigaahoN meiN vohi pyaarii see
MerI nas nas meiN machalanay lagi chiNgari see
Chhuu gai jism mera kisakay daaman kii havaa
KahiN ye wo to nahiN...

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Anonymous said...

A melodious and sweet song.

Zara Si Aahat Hoti Hai --kahin yeh woh to nahin - Lata Mangeshkar. I have been listening to this song non-stop for the past few days. ... Zara Si Aahat Hoti Hai Lata Mangeshkar- Music by Madan Mohan - Lyrics Kaifi Azmi Film ... very tough song of lata ji based on classical Raag Yaman Kalyan. Beautiful composition...