Friday, 23 October 2009

Dr. So Hail

Doctor Sohail:

Before you have a peaceful dialogue with me, I think you ought to have a stern monologue with the Chowq Stuffed. They kill too, you know!

You know perfectly well what I meant when I used the terms HUMANIST, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT etc.

The Damned Nations Organiszation serves only the killers of humanity, their track record is pathetic, their tentacles are spread everywhere, and the net result is a big fat naught.

There is a war of words going on between India and Pakistan, the agencies work their magic through a bomb here and a suicide attack there. Why should India wish to ruin itself fighting Pakistan by listening to the global war-mongering Mrikans. All Mrika (it doesn't care about this silly organization anyway) wants is destruction of Muslims' assets and take-overs of their lands.

It seems you've not been able to piece it together. Study the sick neo-con mind, look at the rented prosperity surrounding you, then look at your own helpless folks back home; you will come to a logical conclusion.

To begin with, close down the embassies, and make sure politicians or men in uniform don't meet with the special foreign envoys who come with kill-plans and sacks of DALLARS.

I have more ideas but never mind those.


#20 Posted by drsohail on June 10, 2009 9:18:09 am
Re: # 19

dear tahir...if you want to have a dialogue, let us have a peaceful dialogue. please do not my words out of the context...I said by Unitied nations where 5 countries do not have VETO POWER...created by all countries to serve all countries of the world....

share with me your views about the war between India and Pakistan and Israel and neighbouring Muslim countries. How will you end the killings going on for generations?
sincerely sohail

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