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Are All Germans Nazis?


Now, I will not repremand you for always reading my views like a spectator: I know you, silence suits you well.

The police (formerly 'east' German police) are brutal everywhere. Do you remember the Rodney King incident that took place in USA?

The Muhammad cartoon issue also hit Chowq but where was your voice and your anger? It is futile chasing after every abuser with a knife but expressing your disgust does send a clear message to the enemies of Islam who have nothing except vulgar things to say about Prophet Muhammad (peace on him). This website serves the same nefarious purpose, all in the name of freedom of expression; while I get banned for taking the abusers to task, the abusive perverts are given positions of influence here.


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“I really doubt that. First these Nazis killed Amir Cheema Shaheed in custody when he protested against the cartoons from Danish cartoonists that German government published in its newspapers.”

There are always two sides to a story. While the Germans are responsible for their sins, we too must exercise restrain while countering western media's bias.

Please read this now:

Who was Aamir Cheema? A Hero, A Shaheed or an Unfortunate Misguided Soul?

Aamir Cheema was a student in Germany. Apparently, he went to assassinate the editor of Die Welt newspaper for publishing the infamous cartoons. Security arrested him in the lobby of the building and he was allegedly carrying a knife and told the police that he was going to kill the editor. He was arrested by the police but later, according to the German authorities, he committed suicide while in prison. According to German authorities, an autopsy was performed in the presence of two Pakistani FIA officials. The autopsy showed that there were no marks indicating physical violence.

Read: Herald Tribune [This is a biased report from International Herald Tribune!!]

Did he attack, or did he only intend to attack? Or did he tell that to the security guards in the lobby, which means that he was really pissed off (that is, temporarily insane). Either way, he was not a murderer or an assassin, or a terrorist for that matter. He was just a very pissed off and stressed out young man. Now why would he commit suicide? This is again not clear. Did the Pakistani Ambassador to Germany meet this kid in the prison? Forget the Ambassador, did anyone from the Pakistani Embassy go and talk to him while he was in custody? Was an attorney for his defense arranged? Was the Pakistani Embassy notified by the German police?

I assure you that the two FIA officials that they deputed to watch over the autopsy were also equally incompetent. The government should have sent the top coroner or a professor of Forensic Medicine from KEMC, instead of these two morons from FIA. This just goes to show that our top officials have their heads so far down up their behinds that they cannot think or see straight. These morons got a free trip to Germany to buy stuff for their wives and children from TA/DA.

Please tell me how could an idiot a moron from FIA [like a blind and a deaf] can tell by “observing” an autopsy being performed by German authorities if there was any foul-play? Are they experts in Forensic Medicine? Did they make sure that the body was sealed after the suicide was discovered? How did they confirm that there was no tampering by the German police and other officials? Are we going to take the Germans for their word on it? Should we take their word for it under the circumstances? Why was an expert in Forensics not sent on the trip?

There are so many questions but no answers. Only a lot of horse-sh*t is being dolled out by the most incompetent people on the planet – GOP

The problem is that they should have taken over the body and conducted autopsy not just looking for signs of physical violence on the skin, but also the detailed analysis of the other organs to see if he was asphyxiated or traumatized in any other way. Nothing about this case makes sense.

Unfortunately, we have very incompetent people in the top echelons of the GOP. And the tragedy is that these people are oblivious of their responsibilities to the nation. And if you dare remind them, they would shamelessly disagree and blame someone else.

I am not saying that Aamir was murdered, but I am saying that again we screwed up in the way he handled the whole affair. I think the main issue is how his case was mishandled by the Pakistani Consulate and the Embassy, and afterwards by the Government.

There is always a test of goodness: Would the situation have been different if it was son of the Pakistani Ambassador to Germany?

Also, a few questions that all Pakistanis should ask themselves: What is wrong with our youth and what are we teaching them? What kind of stupid brain-washing drove this young man to pull an extremely stupid stunt like this? What is this nation and its younger generation coming to? Have we forgotten the basic teachings of the Prophet (PBUH)? Is he really a hero and “shaheed” or a very unfortunate and extremely misguided soul?


“Only two months ago they dragged a Muslim woman into the courts for wearing hijab and then killed this 7 month pregnant Muslim woman right in front of the judge and shot her husband who came forward to protect her. Only last week these nazis dragged a muslim woman through streets kicking and punching her - her crime, she was wearing a hijab.”

All German are NOT Nazis; you must be Jewish treasure-hunter to claim that.

Marwa el-Shirbini, 31, was stabbed 18 times by a German man of ‘Russian’ descent as she was about to give evidence against him in an appeal case in Dresden. The man had earlier been fined 750 euros (1,050 dollars) for insulting El-Shirbini at a playground in 2008. She filed charges after he called her a ‘terrorist,’ apparently because she was wearing a headscarf. The 28-year-old attacker, whom they described as ‘a fanatical racist’, was overpowered and investiged for manslaughter. We do not know what happened to him.


“These animals [Germans] are capable of doing anything to weak and vulnerable. Ever heard what they did to the Jews?”

Animals exist everywhere. The Jewish elites sold off the lower lot to a fascist dicatator, and went on to claim billions of Dollars worth of war reparations and to become art collectors and media tycoons. It is always the lower end that is considered ‘expendable’ by the elites. Note how the usurious money-lending minions of Iblees have financed every bloody revolution and useless war to offer blood sacrifices.

The religion preached by Abraham (peace on him) is not the problem, the Jewish usurious exploitation of so many European countries is the problem; Zionism is the problem.

What would the world say if the Germans, through propaganda movies, portrayed for the next sixty years, the Jewish elites for what they really are? Are not other nations justified in exposing Zionism, are Mahatir Muhammad or Ahmedinejad lying through their teeth? Why is it a crime in many European countries to deny the holocaust, which, over the years, has turned into an exclusive Jewish extermination programme created by Hitler? Why do they not raise their voices against the Communists who murdered 100 million in the name of a godless ideology?

I have said what I wanted to say—your turn now.

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German Minister Quits Over Afghan Strike

We have wonderful news but first read my older blogs to get an idea of the background to the current story:

1) Captain Hoh Decided To Go (

2) German Military Chief Hates The Dirty Job (

Germany’s former defence minister Franz Josef Jung quit the cabinet on Friday over a deadly bombing in Afghanistan, the day after claims of a cover-up took the scalp of the country’s top general.

Jung resigned as labour minister shortly after refusing to quit as pressure mounted over the bombing of two oil tanker Lorries in the northern province of Kunduz in which dozens of civilians are believed to have died. “After consideration ... I told Chancellor Merkel this morning that I was handing in my position as Federal Labour Minister,” Jung told reporters in Berlin.

My comments:

Bit by bit the American aggression will wither away, it will crumble and fall like the Roman Empire did, and it will come down like the Berlin Wall. While the mad scientists of the world try to sell to the world the pseudo-scientific theory of Global Warming, the American forces are busy with its partners in crime securing oil and opium resource to feed its oil-hungry and dope-consuming public. This cannot last forever; Pharaoh’s army will drown in a river of shame if not in the Nile.

The Germans are not what the wicked Hollywood portrays them as; they are a proud industrious people. The Europeans are fed up with America’s GWOT (global war of error, actually) but the flow of promises and cash Dollars manages to tilt the balance in favour of wickedness. One useless war after another, one occupation after another; is this how freedom and democracy will emancipate the enslaved?
But the patient and the oppressed will not suffer forever. No matter what the Satanists and the Communists (accursed people of the Left) claim, God’s Will eventually prevails.

(3:54) And the unbelievers schemed; but God brought their scheming to nought: for God is above all schemers.

(8:30) AND how those who were bent on denying the truth were scheming against thee, in order to restrain thee [from preaching], or to slay thee, or to drive thee away: thus have they [always] schemed: but God brought their scheming to nought - for God is above all schemers.

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German Military Chief Hates The Dirty Job

Germany’s top general and a senior defence ministry official quit on Thursday over an airstrike in Afghanistan in which NATO says as many as 142 people were killed.

The resignations, announced in parliament by Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, followed press revelations that a military report about the September 4 strike was suppressed.

Germany, with around 4,300 troops, is the third-largest contributor of foreign troops in Afghanistan after the United States and Britain. The mission is opposed by a majority of voters in Germany, polls indicate.

Chief of staff General Wolfgang Schneiderhan “has released himself from his duties at his own request”, zu Guttenberg said. “State secretary (Peter) Wichert is also taking responsibility.”

My comment:

German military chief resigns over Afghan airstrike. The burden on one’s soul, of doing great wrong to fellow man, is immense. When will other generals of the All-Lied occupation forces follow General Wolfgang’s example?

The occupiers need to go back to grow their own poppy, dig their own oil, and mind their own business instead of force-feeding the world with their damaging brand of democracy.

Militancy Is Good For Kashmiri Wildlife Population

Kashmir’s ownership has been disputed by India and Pakistan since the bloody partition in 1947. I have always looked at the Kashmir issue as a way to solve not human problems but those of wild animals. The Indian media have just informed us that people like myself were right after all.

Wildlife warden Rashid Naqash, up in Dachigam Sanctuary said on Tuesday that over the two-decade-old separatist rebellion, the wildlife population of Indian-held Kashmir has registered a manifold increase by scaring away poachers and hunters from the region. He did not say how many foreign fighters the area attracted.

Rare birds like the black partridge and pheasant have increased in thousands, while more Asiatic black bear, leopards, musk deer and hangul (a rare red deer) freely roam the forests of Himalayas. At last, the fighters have wild company. Surely, it is a jungle out there.

The hunters are afraid of getting caught up in the crossfire between militants and the security forces, and no one has dared venturing deep into the forests in the past twenty years. The local hunters too are without weapons because in 1990, they were ordered to deposit their weapons at the nearest police station in order to squash the revolt. The change is remarkable because wildlife roams freely and has truly multiplied.

Authorities estimate the number of threatened black bear, which also inhabit hilly and mountainous forests across Asia from Afghanistan to Taiwan, has jumped in Kashmir from 700-800 since 1990 to 2,500-3,000. Officials say the increase in wildlife population is good news for Kashmir’s ailing tourism industry.

I have no doubt that the freedom fighters (or separatist terrorists) will not be pleased by this Indusian claim; the former want their own kind multiplying away. Does somebody care about a dancing peacock up in the mountains?

Animals could not be happier as humans, while pursuing peace, blow each other up to pieces.

Happy Eid al-Azha

I wish all the active and spiritually alive Muslims:

A very HAPPY Eid al-Azha!

Do not bother counting the number of hair on the sacrificial animal’s back to assess how many good deeds will be transferred to your savings account at GOOD DEEDS SAVINGS; instead, focus on your sincere intentions in doing all what Allah has discussed in His Book.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

O Hidden One (Under My Bed), Appear Before Me!

I know I said I would not post a parody of any Bollywood song until Chowq apologised to me for their mistreatment of those who made it a success through their literary contributions.

So why am I doing it?—because a Chowq insider has, very kindly, spilled the beans that belonged to a couple at Chowq who interacted with one another, day in and night out (in and out), without their spouses’ consent.

They pretended to be my friends; I let them enjoy my company. They came and sat at my table; I let them enjoy my hospitality. They shared my starters, food and drink; I let them fill their bellies. They laughed at me in their straightened hearts; I let them roll on the floor. Then I got up quietly, left them there to pay the huge bill, and drove home getting the laugh of my life with my wife.

Aukha ‘spook’ Butt said he had intercepted messages that were shocking. I asked him to drop the case but being crude to the core, he dropped his dhoti instead and made lovey-dovey private exchanges at Chowq fully public. What a mind-blowing whistle-blower! Now that I have no control over this recently freed jinn, I may as well relax and let all of you enjoy the parody show at the expense of the conspirators (hello, are you reading this?).

Agreed, the C3 is not exactly marching forward but it has not come to a tragic end—as some who are sitting by the roadside might be inclined to believe.

I see nothing but pure comedy in many of Bollywood’s best classic songs. Quite a few songs came to my mind but primarily I chose the current one because the name of the movie it is taken from is aptly titled ‘Tumsa Nahin Dekha’ (I have seen none like you).

Now, let us roll on the floor laughing and assume I am the man wearing the jeans and trendy Converse shoes pointing my fingers at the conspirators, while the Chowq ladies swing knowingly in the background, wearing trendy dhotis and holding on to empty earthenware pots. What an all-female support group! As you will appreciate, as always, the video shows that I am in a good swinging mood. Nothing disturbs me and I am always in a mood for laaahve!

• Movie: Tumsa Nahin Dekha
• Singer(s): Mohammad Rafi
• Music Director: O P Nayyar
• Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri
• Actors/Actresses: Shammi Kapoor, Ameeta
• Year/Decade: 1957, 1950s



Hidden one (under my bed), appear before me
By hidin’ an’ a-seekin’, don’t barbeque my heart
A ray from the sun, and wind from a cloud
Until when will it remain hidden (under my bed)?
Hidden one (under my bed), appear before me
By hidin’ an’ a-seekin’, don’t barbeque my heart
A ray from the sun, and wind from a cloud
Until when will it remain hidden (under my bed)?
Hidden one (under my bed), appear before me

[At precisely 00:27 in the video, a famous ‘Chowq personality’—whose identity we shall conceal just for fun—appears casting her dance spell on me. Now, my enemies will accuse me of feeling elated. They are right; I am happy!]

[The remaining covert ‘Special Services Group’ commando girls—hands in the air—appear for self-surrender in lovely battle formation. The famous’ Chowq personality’ dashes to the bridge over un-troubled waters and starts doing her ‘thang’. I am swept off my Converse shoes watching her.]


Aakh-thooo! What if it ain’t the (humiliating) defeat of your (false) pride?
Dashing at me, 100-metres sprint style, what is it if not laaahve?
Standing afar, at what are you surprised (stupid)?

[At 00:58, the chief female conspirator appears, gets taunted by me and bites her forefinger with great regret. She is unable to shake off the famous ‘Chowq personality’ who excels all females.]

Don’t stick that (middle) finger in your (cavity-infested) mouth
Standing afar, at what are you surprised (stupid)?
Don’t shove your middle finger in your (cavity-infested) mouth

[The famous ‘Chowq personality’ leads me off the baby bridge. I deliberately walk down like an old man and then jump off, surprising my enemies with such agility.]


Hidden one (under my bed), appear before me
By hidin’ an’ a-seekin’, don’t barbeque my heart
A ray from the sun, and wind from a cloud
Until when will it remain hidden (under my bed)?
Hidden one (under my bed), appear before me

[At 01:23, the chief female conspirator wrings her hands. The covert SSG girl- commandoes do the ‘thang’ holding banana leaves—that is a secret signal for me.]

[At 01:28, the famous ‘Chowq personality’ washes her feet because I am about to ask my enemies to go wash their faces with the same holy water. At 01:36, I pull the personality back on to the baby bridge and brush my face with her fresh-shampooed hair.]

Hugging my Lipton heart is your twisted Zulfi(qar Ali Bhutto) wig
I’m watching your looka looka meet with my looka looka
Don’t make Zulfi(qar Ali Bhutto) fall on your cheeky(rear)

[At 01:57, the chief female conspirator huffs and puffs, and wrings her hands again. The famous ‘Chowq personality’ never stops swinging.]

You’re (a) doomsday (girl and) I’m a (starved) demon
Don’t make Zulfi(qar Ali Bhutto) fall on your cheeky(rear)
You’re (a) doomsday (girl and) I’m a (starved) demon


Hidden one (under my bed), appear before me
By hidin’ an’ a-seekin’, don’t barbeque my heart
A ray from the sun, and wind from a cloud
Until when will it remain hidden (under my bed)?
Hidden one (under my bed), appear before me

[At 02:13, the chief conspirator suffers from an attack of asthma, and attempts to throttle herself with the fancy dress she is wearing. Unsuccessful, she seeks a premature retirement.]

[Having had successfully accomplished their covert mission, all ten SSG girl-commandos appear nicely lined up behind the famous ‘Chowq personality’ for a medal distribution ceremony.

[I finally lead them down over the baby bridge and into their barracks, before their commanding officer finds them missing in action.]


Hidden one (under my bed), appear before me
By hidin’ an’ a-seekin’, don’t barbeque my heart
A ray from the sun, and wind from a cloud
Until when will it remain hidden (under my bed)?
Hidden one (under my bed), appear before me

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Your Own Fat In Cosmetics?

Dear readers:

You have read about sub-standard counterfeit fake condoms, and condoms turned into hairclips and headbands, now get ready for this. Four persons have been arrested in Peru on suspicion of killing dozens of people in order to sell their fat and tissue for cosmetic uses in Europe.

People with excess fat around their bellies may stop right here and need not concern themselves with reading the details.
The murderers allegedly targeted people on isolated roads, tempting them with bogus job offers before butchering them to extract their fat. The liquidised product fetched $15,000 (£9,000) a litre and police suspect it was sold to companies in Europe.

At least five other suspects, including two Italian nationals, remain at large. The police said the murderous gang could be behind the disappearances of up to sixty persons in Peru's Huanuco and Pasco regions. One of those arrested told the police that their ringleader had been on a killing-spree for fat for more than three decades.

The murderous gang has been nicknamed Pishtacos, after an ancient Peruvian legend of killers who attacked people on lonely roads and killed them for their fat. At a news conference, the police showed the shocked reporters two bottles containing human body fat and images of one of the alleged victims.

One of the alleged killings is reported to have taken place in mid-September, with the person's body tissue removed for sale. Commander Angel Toledo said that some of the suspects had "declared and stated how they murdered people with the aim of extracting their fat in rudimentary labs and sell it".
The Police suspect the fat was sold to cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies in Europe, but have not confirmed any such connection.

Dear shocked readers, in one of my blogs I did request someone not to ask me what the cosmetics manufacturers used in expensive anti-wrinkle or anti-aging creams. Well, now we almost know that one could wind up unknowingly applying a dead human being’s fat. One can never be sure what those numbered ‘E’ ingredients might really be in cosmetics and edible products.

Read other ARTICLES and BLOGS by the author. The reason he is frequently banned on Chowq is because he (1) posts rebuttals to anti-Islam atheists (2) counters their anti-Pakistan propaganda efficiently (3)shows them how the American ‘wet dream’ is drying up globally (4) opposes their sponsored 'favourite' writers’ debauched views, and satirizes them

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Iqbal Was Definitely Anti-Q

The following was written many years ago, not by yours truly, but by 'poet of the East' Allama Muhammad Iqbal.


The issue created by the controversy between the Qadianis and the orthodox Muslims is extremely important. The Muslims have only recently begun to realise its importance. I intended to address an open letter to the British people explaining the social and political implications of the issue. But unfortunately my health prevented me from doing so. I am, however, glad to say a few words for the present on the matter, which, to my mind, affects the entire collective life of the Indian Muslims. It must, however, be pointed out at the outset that I have no intention to enter into any theological argument. Nor do I mean to undertake a psychological analysis of the mind of the founder of the Qadiani movement; the former will not interest those for whom this statement is meant and the time for the latter has not yet arrived in India. My point of view is that of a student of general history and comparative religion.

India is a land of many religious communities, and Islam is a religious community in a much deeper sense than those communities whose structure is determined partly by the religious and partly by the race idea. Islam repudiates the race idea altogether and founds itself on the religious idea alone, a basis which is wholly spiritual and consequently far more ethereal than blood relationship, Muslim society is naturally much more sensitive to forces which it considers harmful to its integrity. Any religious society historically arising from the bosom of Islam, which claims a new prophethood for its basis, and declares all Muslims who do not recognise the truth of its alleged revelation as Kafirs, must, therefore, be regarded by every Muslims as a serious danger to the solidarity of Islam. This must necessarily be so; since the integrity of Muslim society is secured by the Idea of the Finality of Prophethood alone.

This idea of Finality is perhaps the most original idea in the cultural history of mankind: its true significance can be understood only by those who carefully study the history of pre-Islamic Magian culture in Western and Middle Asia. The concept of Magian culture, according to modern research, includes cultures associated with Zoroastruanism, Judaism, Jewish Christianity, Chaldean and Sabean religion. To these creed-communities the idea of the continuity of prophethood was essential, and consequently they lived in a state of constant expectation. It is probable that the Magian man psychologically enjoyed this state of expectation. The modern man is spiritually far more emancipated than the Magian man.

The result of the Magian attitude was the disintegration of old communities and the constant formation of new ones by all sorts of religious adventurers. In the modern world of Islam, ambitious and ignorant Mullaism, taking advantage of the modern Press, has shamelessly attempted to hurl the old pre-Islamic Magian outlook in the face of the twentieth century. It is obvious that Islam which claims to weld all the various communities of the world into one single community cannot reconcile itself to a movement which threatens its present solidarity and holds the promise of further rifts in human society.

Of the of the two forms which the modern revival of Pre-Islamic Magianism has assumed, Bahaism appears to me to be far more honest than Qadianism; for the former openly departs from Islam, whereas the latter apparently retains some of the more important externals of Islam with an inwardness wholly inimical of the spirit and aspirations of Islam. Its idea of a jealous God with an inexhaustible store of earthquakes and plagues for its opponents; its conception of the prophet as a soothsayer; its idea of the continuity of the spirit of messiah, are so absolutely Jewish that the movement can easily be regarded as a return to early Judaism. Professor Buber who has given an account of the movement initiated by the Polish Messiah Baalshem tells us that "it was thought that the spirit of the Messiah descended upon the earth through the prophets and even through a long line of holy men stretching into the present time - the Zaddiks" (Sadiq). Heretical movements in Muslim Iran under the pressure of Pre-Islamic Magian ideas invented the words buruz, hulul, zill, to cover this idea of a perpetual reincarnation. It was necessary to invent new expressions for a Magian idea in order to make it less shocking to Muslim conscience. Even the phrase "Promised Messiah" is not a product of Muslim religious consciousness. It is a bastard expression and has its origin in the Pre-Islamic Magian outlook.

We do not find it in early Islamic religious and historical literature. This remarkable fact is revealed by Professor Wensinck's Concordance of the Traditions of the Holy Prophet, which covers no less than eleven collections of the traditions and three of the earliest historical documents of Islam. One can very well understand the reasons why early Muslims never used this expression. The expression did not appeal to them probably because they thought that it implied a false conception of the historical process. The Magian mind regarded time as a circular movement, the glory of elucidation, the true nature of the historical process as a perpetually creative movement was reserved for the great Muslim thinker and historian, Ibn Khaldun.

The intensity of feeling which the Indian Muslims have manifested in opposition to the Quadiani movement is, therefore, perfectly intelligible to the student of modern sociology. The average Muslim who was the other day described as "Mulla-ridden" by a writer in The Civil and Military Gazette is inspired in his opposition to the movement more by his instinct of self-preservation than by a fuller grasp called "enlightened"' Muslim has seldom made an attempt to understand the real cultural significance of the idea of Finality in Islam, and a process of slow and imperceptible westernisation has further deprived him even of the instinct of self-preservation. Some so-called enlightened Muslims have gone to the extent of preaching "tolerance' to their brethren-in-faith. I can easily excuse Sir Herbert Emerson for preaching toleration to Muslims; for a modern European who is born and brought up in an entirely different culture does not, and perhaps cannot, develop the insight which makes it possible for one to understand an issue vital to the very structure of a community with an entirely different cultural outlook.

In India, circumstances are much more peculiar. This country of religious communities, where the future of each community rests entirely upon its solidarity, is ruled by a Western people who cannot but adopt a policy of non-interference in religion. This liberal and indispensable policy in a country like India has led to most unfortunate results. Insofar as Islam is concerned, it is no exaggeration to say that the solidarity of the Muslim community in India under the British is far less safe than the solidarity of the Jewish community was in the days of Jesus under the Romans. Any religious adventurer in India can set up any claim and carve out a new community for his own exploration. This liberal State of ours does not care a fig for the integrity of a parent community, provided the adventurer assures it of his loyalty and his followers are regular in the payment of taxes due to the State. The meaning of this policy for Islam was, quite accurately seen by our great poet Akbar who in his usual humorous strain says:

O friend! pray for the glory of the Briton's name:
Say, "I am God" sans chain, sans cross, sans shame.

I very much appreciate the orthodox Hindus' demand for protection against religious reformers in the new constitution. Indeed, the demand ought to have been first made by the Muslims who, unlike Hindus, entirely eliminate the race idea from their social structure. The Government must seriously consider the present situation and try, if possible, to understand the mentality of the absolutely vital to the integrity of his community. After all, if the integrity of a community is threatened, the only course open to that community is to defend itself against the forces of disintegration.

And what are the ways of self-defence?

Controversial writings and refutation of the claims of the man who is regarded by the parent community as a religious adventurer. Is it then fair to preach toleration to the parent community whose integrity is threatened and to allow the rebellious group to carry on its propaganda with impunity, even when the propaganda is highly abusive?
If a group, rebellious from the point of view of the parent community, happens to be of some special service to Government, the latter are at liberty to reward their services as best as they can. Other communities will not grudge it. But the forces which tend seriously to affect its collective life is as sensitive to the danger of dissolution as individual life. It is hardly necessary to add in this connection that the mutual theological bickering of Muslim sects do not affect vital principles on which all these sects agree with all their differences in spite of their mutual accusation of heresy.

There is one further point which demands Government's special consideration. The encouragement in India of religious adventurers, on the ground of modern liberalism, tends to make people more and more indifferent to religion and will eventually completely eliminate the important factor of religion from the life of Indian communities. The Indian mind is likely to be nothing less than the form of atheistic materialism which has appeared in Russia.

But the religious issue is not the only issue which is at present agitating the minds of the Punjab Muslims. There are other quarrels of a political nature which, according to my reading, Sir Herbert Emerson hinted in his speech at the Anjuman's anniversary. These are, no doubt, of a purely political nature, but they affect the unity of Punjab Muslims as seriously as the religious issue. While thanking the Government for their anxiety to see the Punjab Muslims united, I venture to suggest a little self-examination to the Government themselves. Who is responsible, I ask, for the distinction of rural and urban Muslims - a distinction which has cut up the Muslim community into two groups and the rural group into several sub-groups constantly at war with one another?

Sir Herbert Emerson deplores the lack of proper leadership among the Punjab Muslims. But I wish Sir Herbert Emerson realised that the rural-urban distinction created by the Government and maintained by them through ambitious political adventurers, whose eyes are fixed on their own personal interests and not on the unity of Islam in the Punjab, had already made the community incapable of producing a real leader. It appears to me that this device probably originated in a desire rather to make it impossible for real leadership to grow. Sir Herbert Emerson deplores the lack of leadership in Muslims; I deplore the continuation by the Government of a system which has crushed out all hope of a real leader appearing in the province.


I understand that this statement has caused some misunderstanding in some quarters. It is thought that I have made a subtle suggestion to the Government to suppress the Qadiani movement by force. Nothing of the kind. I have made it clear that the policy of non-interference in religion is the only policy which can be adopted by the rulers of India. No other as possible policy is possible. I confess, however, that to my mind this policy is harmful to the interests of religious communities; but there is no escape from it and those who suffer will have to safeguard their interests by suitable means. The best course for the rulers of India is, in my opinion, to declare the Qadianis a separate community. This will be perfectly consistent with the policy of the Qadianis themselves, and the Indian Muslim will tolerate them just as he tolerates other religions.

The cultural value of the idea of finality in Islam I have fully explained elsewhere, its meaning is simple: No spiritual surrender to any human being after Muhammad (pbuh) who emancipated his followers by giving them a law which is realisable as arising from the very core of human conscience. Theologically, the doctrine is that: the socio-political organisation called "Islam" is perfect and eternal. No revelation, the denial of which entails heresy, is possible after Muhammad (pbuh). He who claims such a revelation is a traitor to Islam. Since the Qadianis believe the founder of the Ahmadiyyah movement to be the bearer of such a revelation, they declare that the entire world of Islam is Infidel. The founder's own argument, quite worthy of a medieval theologian, is that the spirituality of the Holy Prophet of Islam must be regarded as imperfect if it is not creative of another prophet. He claims his own prophethood to be an evidence of the prophet-rearing power of the spirituality of the Holy Prophet of Islam. But if you further ask him whether the spirituality of Muhammad (pbuh) is capable of rearing more prophets than one, his answer is "No". This virtually amounts to saying: "Muhammad (pbuh) is not the last Prophet: I am the last." Far from understanding the cultural value of the Islamic idea of finality in the history of mankind generally and of Asia especially, he thinks that finality in the sense that no follower of Muhammad (pbuh) can ever reach the status of prophethood is a mark of imperfection in Muhammad's (pbuh)prophethood.

As I read the psychology of his mind he, in the interest of his own claim to prophethood avails himself of what he describes as the creative spirituality of the Holy Prophet of Islam and, at the same time, deprives the Holy Prophet of his "finality" by limiting the creative capacity of his spirituality of the rearing of only one prophet, i.e. the founder of the Ahmadiyyah movement. In this way does the new prophet quietly steal away the "finality" of one whom he claims to be his spiritual progenitor.

He claims to be a buruz of the Holy Prophet of Islam insinuating thereby that, being a buruz of him, his "finality" is virtually the "finality" of Muhammad (pbuh); and that this view of the matter, therefore, does not violate the "finality" of the Holy Prophet. In identifying the two finalities, his own and that of the Holy Prophet, he conveniently loses sight of the temporal meaning of the idea of Finality. It is, however, obvious that the word buruz, in the sense even complete likeness, cannot help him at all; for the buruz must always remain the other side of its original.

Only in the sense of reincarnation a buruz becomes identical with original. Thus if we take the word buruz to mean "like in spiritual qualities" the argument remains ineffective; if, on the other hand, we take it to mean reincarnation of the original in the Aryan sense of the word, the argument becomes plausible; but its author turns out to be only a Magian in disguise. It is further claimed on the authority of the great Muslim mystic, Muhyuddin ibn Arabi of Spain, that it is possible for a Muslim saint to attain, in his spiritual evolution, to the kind of experience characteristic of the prophetic consciousness. I personally believe this view of Shaikh Muhyuddin ibn Arabi to be psychologically unsound: but assuming it to be correct, the Qadiani argument is based on a complete misunderstanding of his exact position.

The Shaikh regards it as a purely private achievement which does not, and in the nature of things cannot, entitle such a saint to declare that all those who do not believe in him are outside the pale of Islam. Indeed, from the Shaikh's point of view, there may be more than one saint, living in the same age or country, who may attain to prophet consciousness. The point to be seized is that, while it is psychologically possible for a saint to attain to prophetic experience, his experience will have no socio-political significance making him the centre of a new organisation and entitling him to declare this organisation to be the criterion of the faith or disbelief of the followers of Muhammad (pbuh).

Leaving his mystical psychology aside, I am convinced from a careful study of the relevant passages of the "Futuhat" that the great Spanish mystic is as a firm a believer in the Finality of Muhammad (pbuh) as any orthodox Muslim. And if he had seen in his mystical vision that one day in the East, some Indian amateurs in Sufism would seek to destroy the Holy Prophet's Finality under cover of his mystical psychology, he would have certainly anticipated the Indian Ulama in warning the Muslims of the world against such traitors to Islam.

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Wearing Used Condoms With Style

The last blog I wrote, Hunt For 2 Million Red Condoms, was a huge success. We saw how the Chowq ladies stayed away from commenting on a subject traditionally considered taboo. In the comments section we also felt the undesirable presence of those who prefer dying a thousand deaths daily because of their opposition to truth and talent; they are doomed to exist as forgettable ever-changing nicknames in cyberspace.

As if the missing 2 million red condoms were not enough to cause heartbreaks in China, I dug up from my archives, a news item from November 2007 that speaks of the stretchable piece of private apparel being used for purposes other than to help advanced western nations right-size their population. I suspect that men who dream of downsizing God’s creation in unnatural ways face demanding wives who want the opposite of it: upsizing in the bedrooms.

Only two years ago, the clever Chinese manufacturers took a giant leap backwards and decided to use stockpiles of spent peoples’ power—discarded condoms—to create for the pleasure of the ladies, hair-bands and hairclips. In the same year, the globalized village experienced the shock of watching their children play with toxic Chinese toys. The press, always on the lookout for such peaks, came down heavily on our communist cousins once the destructive effects of recycled plastic became public knowledge.

Now, how did the eager Chinese manufacturers think of this scheme, leave alone implement it with assured success? Alas, we will never know the whole truth but understanding a few fine points will help those considering walking in the Chinese footsteps. One must possess an iron will to turn rubber condoms into rubber hair-bands and hairclips. Next, set up an elaborate collection system of discarded condoms, complete with an army of CEOs (condom extraction officers). Finally, start a secret factory with giant cooking pots in which to boil the rubber soup made from unwashed and non-sterilized condoms, and a variety of hair-bands and clips moulds.

The smart Chinese businessmen saw that, once recycled, a bag of ten environmentally unfriendly hairclips and hair-bands fetched money quickly in the local markets and beauty salons of Dongguan and Guangzhou cities in southern Guangdong province.

Now, it is through such scandals of poor business ethics that Chinese exports continue to suffer bans that repeatedly tarnish the country’s image abroad. But can used condoms, turned into hair-bands and hairclips, spread sexually transmittable diseases, something that the former were originally designed to prevent? The answer to that question (gulp) is yes.

The future of nearly half the world’s population—women—is in grave danger because they love low-priced colourful rubber bands and hair ties. Wives are in danger of dying—thanks to recycled condoms—not of transmitted diseases but of germs that live on such contraband hair-bands and hairclips.

Let us now look at how a happily married woman might embrace death—instead of embracing her husband—if she used Chinese products. Forget Animal Planet or National Geographic, watching ladies neatly tie up their hair is one of the most wonderful sights of Nature. I am not ashamed to admit that I still indulge in bird watching whenever such opportunities present themselves—and opportunities abundantly present themselves to me. Humming a tune, a woman will first brush her hair in long strokes, then hold the lock firmly with one hand and finally, with great effortlessness, slip on a hair tie or a clip over it. The sad part of this lovely exercise is that she will hold the hair tie between her lips.

That is the culprit then! Such hair ties, clips or bands—despite being recycled—could still contain bacteria and viruses. We know what novel methods the Chinese government devises to reduce its population, but to have such unclean items in our stores is unforgivable import policy. When I solicited the local preacher’s views on the matter, he seemed totally convinced that transmittable sexual diseases would never touch any of us because all believers would abstain from indiscriminate illegal sexual activities, nobody would use condoms because their use equals murder, and none would dare transform used condoms into hairclips and hair-bands.

While those were the views of a patriot and an unauthorized spokesman of God, a local dermatologist confided in me, “People could be infected with AIDS, warts or other diseases if they hold the rubber bands or strings in their mouths while weaving their hair into plaits or buns”.

That is it then. Banish the unclean items from your dressers and cupboards. Never buy cheap accessories, and purchase only branded items. In the not-too-distant future, dressing rooms might sport special processors—much like food processors—that will safely sterilize and then magically turn used condoms into beautiful hair bands and clips.

Monday, 16 November 2009

The Hunt for 2 Million Red Condoms

The anti-abortionists will rejoice hearing this bit of news: the Chinese police in central China have closed a factory that produced fake and unsterile condoms—as if everything that comes from that land is original and virile.

For the benefit of young impressionless minds, I will define what a condom is: it is a contraption used for the sole intention of prevention of fertilization that might lead to hospitalization of a conceiver nine months later. If you have ever heard your father or mother complain, ‘You were a mistake’, make no mistake; this is THE thing whose absence let you gush forth to add one more soul to the world.

Poor manufacturing techniques be damned, imagine how many babies might have been born in China as a direct result of leaky counterfeit condoms? It is a land where official killing squads ask mothers to have their unborn babies provide companionship to chairman Mao up in communist heaven. Practically every child born in China spends his or her life living without uncles, aunts, brothers or sisters. China is an economic giant whose citizens live the lonely lives of hard-working dwarfs; parents, colleagues and friends are all one clings to up until death.

So, has the age of branded condoms finally arrived? Will we see famous brand names on such disposable anti-life items? The following are some of the possibilities:

1. Gucci will sell the thing as ‘Gucci Goo’
2. Hugo Boss as ‘Huge No-Loss’
3. Louis Vuitton as ‘Lovey With Her’
4. Ralph Lauren as ‘Real Flooring’
5. Fruit of the Loom as ‘Fruit of the Groom’
6. Armani as ‘Err-Manly’
7. Max Factor as (of course) ‘Max Factor’
8. Gillette as ‘Triple Senseless’
9. Chiclettes as ‘Let the Chicks’

Moreover, will each pack prominently display a warning from the Surgeon General: ‘Too much sex makes your eyes go screwy’?

The Chinese police are tracking down over two million ‘unsafe’ contraceptives that have found their way in very happening bedrooms and the bouncy backseats of locally manufactured cars. What a sex-starved market and what a job the police must do! To snatch away a condom sachet from one’s hand is a simple feat, but to pull off such an item from an unmentionable part of the human anatomy is unforgiveable sexual Nazism.

The suspected ‘global war on error’ condoms, made in a factory in Hunan province, were sold nationwide under a variety of names, including those of well-known makers such as Jissbon and Durex. The counterfeiter cared neither about global reputations nor for revenue, which the original brand manufacturers claimed they lost to the copycats.

The police have detained a suspect, manufacturer Li Anping, who allegedly bought condoms wholesale, added an unknown lubricant and crudely packaged them without sterilising the product, the report said.

I never thought they sold prevention wholesale. A very real danger exists; those who believe in ‘wholesale’ horizontal entertainment will, from now on, find wholesale suppliers to keep overheads down with this explanation: ‘These are economically depressed times. Why not save and contribute to Earth’s pink shade if not to its greenery?’ I now have a fresh view out of the window of life. Happy is the generation that Latex could not stop, and which was not born in hospitals the Caesarean way.

Speaking of lubricants, what lubricant did dear Li Anping use?—engine oil for more mileage: WD40 to banish squeakiness: crude oil that sells for $77.32 a barrel: what? Will a good Supreme Court judge declare crudely packaging the condoms for a covert activity that demands great finesse ‘a social crime’? We can safely assume that pure capitalism prompted Li to commit such a dastardly act.

The ‘global war on error’ squad also found several underage girls working in Li’s factory that produced up to 2.16 million condoms before it was sealed. I shudder at the thought of Li doling out to the poor girls sub-standard condoms, instead of paying them in Chinese currency.

Fake and faulty products remain a headache for Chinese authorities as unscrupulous manufacturers rush to create huge profits out of their current economic boom. My regret is that most Chinese products are poorly built. When I think of China, I fantasize the rubbery condom receiving nothing but hard hammering from men wearing Mao caps in a steel mill. The condom is now on the endangered utilities’ list, and the state of lovely affairs will produce, for the World Health Organisation and the pro-abortionists, a great migraine that will not go away ant time soon.

MY FOOT notes:

GWOT is actually GWOE (global war on error)

Yuan: Chinese currency whose name is considered ‘most objectionable’ by those raised in the ‘land of the five rivers’.


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Monday, 9 November 2009

I Could Eat Them RAW

This is a rebuttal to what Pavocavalry wrote in his latest ilog (

"There is no Jewish or US or Indian Conspiracy....there is no conspiracy by foreigner..."


Prince Albert's Very Own (PAVO-cavalry):

I have reason to believe that this yubb-site has been taken over (coup d'├ętat) by senile retired RAW majors gone communist. Surely, you are not one of them but whose side are you on and why are you spewing out such venom while living abroad?

That none are working against Pakistan and Islam but are rather in their garden, innocently dipping biscuits in English cups of tea, is a thought that can only come to the mind of a madman who has damaged major portions of his brain by stomping his heels while parading up and down a destructive path.

I believe Nawab Mirza Mohammad Sirajud Dawla—whom the Red Coats called ‘Sir Roger Dowlett’ because they could not pronounce his name—died in his Jacuzzi. Is it correct that he did not mind the British politico-military presence in Bengal represented by the British East India Company? Why do Muslims today abhor the American-British coalition’s presence in our countries?

Notice how Western-controlled information on this Muslim freedom-fighter is distorted beyond recognition (see Wikipedia’s and is accompanied with a silly notice that claims ‘The neutrality of this section is disputed’. How fair are the fair ones!

What Lord Robert Clive (Siraj’s opponent) lorded over and how much of an English gentle man he really was, few will ever bother finding out. May Allah keep (Syed) Mir Jaffar (Ghaddaar-e-Hind: the traitor of India), in hell forever for deceiving Nawab Sirajud Dawla and surrendering his army in battlefield against Robert Clive.

May Allah keep this traitor in hell along with rich bankers Jagat Seth, Umi Chand and the former Diwan, Rai Durlabh; all minions of the British East India Company. These days we have the World Bank, the IMF and our resident traitors bent upon destroying humankind from within. May Allah condemn Robert Clive to stabbing himself repeatedly to die a billion deaths (Clive stabbed himself to death with a penknife, although the suicide has been linked to his history of depression and to opium addiction).

"A great prince was dependent on my pleasure, an opulent city lay at my mercy; its richest bankers bid against each other for my smiles; I walked through vaults which were thrown open to me alone, piled on either hand with gold and jewels! Mr. Chairman, at this moment I stand astonished at my own moderation."
—Baron Robert Clive, commenting on accusations of looting the Bengal treasury after Plassey, at his impeachment trial in 1773.

"It is possible to mention men who have owed great worldly prosperity to breaches of private faith; but we doubt whether it is possible to mention a state which has on the whole been a gainer by a breach of public faith."
—Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay, later British Secretary at War, who condemned Clive's actions.

The following were the terms of the ‘Diwani and Dual government In Bengal’ agreed between the new Nawab (Mir Jaffar) and the East India Company:

1. Confirmation of the mint, and all other grants and privileges in the Alinagar treaty with the late Nawab.
2. An alliance, offensive and defensive, against all enemies whatever.
3. The French factories and effects to be delivered up, and they never permitted to resettle in any of the three provinces.
4. 100 lacs of rupees to be paid to the Company, in consideration of their losses at Calcutta and the expenses of the campaign.
5. 50 lacs to be given to the British sufferers at the loss of Calcutta
6. 20 lacs to Gentoos, Moors, & black sufferers at the loss of Calcutta.
7. 7 lacs to the Armenian sufferers. These three last donations to be distributed at the pleasure of the Admiral and gentlemen of Council.
8. The entire property of all lands within the Mahratta ditch, which runs round Calcutta, to be vested in the Company: also, six hundred yards, all round, without, the said ditch.
9. The Company to have the zemindary of the country to the south of Calcutta, lying between the lake and river, and reaching as far as Culpee, they paying the customary rents paid by the former zemindars to the government.
10. Whenever the assistance of the British troops shall be wanted, their extraordinary charges to be paid by the Nawab.
11. No forts to be erected by the Nawab's government on the river side, from Hooghley downwards.

In addition, PAVO, did Sultan Fateh Ali Tipu (Tipu Sultan) slip and die in his shower? I believe, the British were in India only to enjoy a family picnic when Tipu disturbed them—right?

Notice that Wikipedia, so popular these days amongst liberal minds, does NOT mention Mir Sadiq, the traitor who betrayed Tipu Sultan to the British; this, dear readers, is the planned bias built into such web sites.

The British promised Mir Sadiq, the chief traitor, that in return for helping them, they would make him the ruler of Mysore. Also involved in this plot was Pandit Purnia, Tipu's Secretary of Treasury; he was promised the post of Prime Minister. They both tried tricks. During a conflict, Purnia told the soldiers to come collect their wages. The soldiers left the cannons (the British supplied with empty cannonballs) and went for their pay while the British destroyed parts of the fort wall.

Tipu was having lunch at that moment and with a sword in hand he rushed to the danger-spot saying: “One days's life of a lion is preferable to hundred years' existence of a jackal”. Tipu, along with four other bodyguards, killed a record 4,500 British soldiers!

Do you remember Tipu’s quote PAVO? The martyr’s mission was to foil the evil designs of a foreign power, which, with its political intrigues, had established its supremacy over major parts of India and threatening his own state of Mysore.

Criticise intelligently but never pity those in whose veins flows real blood, not the corrupting liquid of foreign currencies.

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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Frosty Moons / Rainbows In The Night

Now what would you say if I told you I could show you a rainbow after dark? Well, there is such a thing afterall.

Last night was a full moon night with a special name: Frosty Moon. The name comes from northern autumnal ground frost, which glistens beautifully in pale moonlight. Many observers of such wonderful treats of Nature like going outside to enjoy the free show.

Have you ever seen a rainbow after dark? It happened last night in Yorkshire, UK, where Christopher Walker photographed a multi-colored band arcing over the countryside!

Rainbows appear when sunlight is reflected from raindrops but in this case, the sun was not required; the Frosty Moon was bright enough to work the wonder on its own.

“Last night, the moonlight was so bright that I saw red in the rainbow with unaided eyes", says Christopher Walker. A 30-second exposure with my digital camera revealed the full range of rainbow colors."

What can I say?—enjoy the image posted on the Internet.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Sugar Sugar!

A private TV channel reported that sugar dealers in Faisalabad are complaining that they must purchase publicity banners of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif while purchasing sugar at controlled rates.

Each banner is ‘available’ for Rs 400. After directions from the Supreme Court, the Punjab government announced it would sell sugar at Rs 38 per kg to sugar dealers across the province. But sugar dealers in Faisalabad allege that they have to buy a Shahbaz Sharif banner each time they buy stock.

A dealer complained, “We have no profit margin, because sugar costs us Rs 39 per kg and we are bound to sell it at Rs 40 per kg.” Another trader said, “The CM ought to give away his publicity banners to dealers for free”.

Never at a loss for words, Punjab government spokesman, Senator Pervaiz Rashid, said the government would stop this ‘publicity campaign’ very soon.

The flour crisis is NOT over in Pakistan; do NOT be deceived. If you recall, a while back, I posted Scott Mckenzie’s famous San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)

Considering the tense situation and the endless queues outside the grocery stores, the title of the song needs to be modified as follows:

San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some FLOUR In Your Hair)

Flour is ‘aata’—another rare item associated with our daily rations; beloveds countrywide will be seen with their hair decorated with ‘aata’ instead of flowers.

As for the new song, ‘Sugar Sugar’, that I have posted here, listen repeatedly to allow the title to sink into your brain if not into the teacup that begs for white ultra-refined sugar. Considering that the essential item associated with the title of the song is hard to come by these days, this song is all what I suggest my compatriots to listen to all day. People with MP3 devices, the human poodles raised on junk food, and the insensitive bourgeois with their i-pods and Land Bruisers, all need to lose themselves in this ‘Sugar Sugar’ mantra.

'Sugar Sugar' by The Archies is a classic hit from 1969 (do not let the last two digits of the year suggest anything past dinner) that reached the top in the pop charts and stayed there for eight whole weeks.

Fast forward forty years—2009: 'Sugar Sugar' is now bound to make our sugarmill-owner rulers reach the top of Islamabad's Shakarparian hillock, if nothing else. If you are not able to get your sweaty hands on half a kilogram of the white stuff after standing in a queue for four hours outside a grocery store, do not lose hope, go back home, kick the door open, twist away to ‘Sugar Sugar’ and let the tired spouse stare at you in total disbelief or disgust.

Sugar is precious and no matter how much someone coerces you into parting with whatever amount of sweetness Nature has placed on your lips, DO NOT (I repeat, DO NOT) give it away recklessly to the next person who walks through the door.

And as for the comic lyrics that suggest you have someone pour that rare commodity on you, do not try this at home with your spouse—at least not when you are in civil company. If you are careless enough to try the scheme on your spouse, she just might, quite suddenly, break down in the middle of this national crisis and turn your life into hell rather than make it sweet as heaven with a retort such as: ‘We’re in the middle of a national crisis and all you care about is shamless ROMANCE?’

What comes as a bonus with the track’s lyrics are two more items that are even more sugar-laden: honey and candy. Now, enjoy the song.


Sugar, ahh,
Honey, honey.
You are my candy girl,
And you got me wanting you.
Honey, ahh,
Sugar, sugar.
You are my candy girl,
And you got me wanting you.

I just can't believe the loveliness of loving you.
(I just can't believe it's true)
I just can't believe the wonder of this feeling, too.
(I just can't believe it's true)
Sugar, ahh,
Honey, honey.
You are my candy girl,
And you got me wanting you.
Honey, ahh,
Sugar, sugar.
You are my candy girl,
And you got me wanting you.

When I kissed you, girl,
I knew how sweet a kiss could be.
(I knew how sweet a kiss could be)
Like the summer sunshine,
Pour your sweetness over me.
(Pour your sweetness over me)
Ohh, pour your sugar on me, honey.
Pour your sugar on me, baby.
(I'm gonna make your life so sweet)
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
Pour your sugar on me, oh yeah.
Pour your sugar on me, honey.
Pour your sugar on me, baby.
(I'm gonna make your life so sweet)
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
Pour your sugar on me, honey.

Ahh, sugar, ahh,
Honey, honey.
You are my candy girl,
And you got me wanting you.
Ohhh, honey, honey.
Sugar, sugar.
Honey, honey.
Sugar, sugar.
Honey, ahh,
Sugar, sugar.
You are my candy girl,
And you got me wanting you.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Masadi MIA

Posted by masadi on Thursday October 29, 2009 04:54 pm

Tahir sahib so you have expunged me from your mailing list and stopped posting on what I write because I told you not to post nonsense comments that represent your ego and the fact that you want to assume command based on some birthright and cannot bear to see anyone else do anything. This type of ego nurturing is contrary to the spirit of the Quran. You are going down a miserable path, save yourself.


Mr Asadi:

I address those who are educated enough as mister; I do the same for you.

But hey Asadi, you could have verified, through other more appropriate means, if I had included your name in the IGNORE/BLOCK list. But you did not, and instead decided to go public.

Using the word ‘nonsense’ was inappropriate, you could have said, ‘Please say something useful’. Again, you went negative and asked me not to post non-sense; this was not the most sensible thing to do under GWOT conditions. The phone number you gave me turned out to be that of the police station and they swore they knew you by name but had no idea what you looked like.

Ego?—what is that? Why do I need to get into your way when you have chosen to jump off the mothersip without a backup parachute? That despite my advice you apologised to those whom you thought would treat you like a gentleman, you went ahead and made everbody’s day. You did not appreciate my pointing out the fatal mistake in public and private through veiled references, and this again led to what was expected of Chowq Stuffed: a ban.

I claim no ‘birthright’, but I do have a birth mark whose location I cannot reveal on a public forum. What is according to the spirit of the Qur’an and what is not, I know fully well, and THIS is the reason I write on Chowq. My path is clear, it leads to greater things, how can you claim that my path is ‘miserable’?

Please feel free to comment sensibly or senselessly on my blogs. Since I was busy putting Chowq’s stray dogs to sleep, your name—by mistake, of course—was added to the list of persona non grata. You will be pleased to know that your position as a commentator stands restored.

Always ask, never assume.


Read other ARTICLES and BLOGS by the author. The reason he is frequently banned on Chowq is because he (1) posts rebuttals to anti-Islam atheists (2) counters their anti-Pakistan propaganda efficiently (3)shows them how the American ‘wet dream’ is drying up globally (4) opposes their sponsored 'favourite' writers’ debauched views, and satirizes them