Thursday, 22 October 2009

Deep-Thinking Buffalos

Miss Shandana Minhas,

The title of your recent article LASHES TO LASHES, DUST TO DUST might be called cute but the following snap judgments need to be commented on.

"As for who created them, who funded them, who set them on the path that puts them in direct confrontation with just about everyone else, that is something that is good to know and pointless to dwell on."

Pointess to dwell on, but how? THIS is how the media helps the SHEEPLE go to sleep without questioning things! 'Pointless' because it leads one to the conclusion that the Taliban also destroyed the favourite crop of the foreign aggressors whose global covert operations are funded by its production and sale?

Before you jump to the conclusion that I'm sitting somewhere in Tora Bora typing this (on 'dead' Osama's behalf), I assure you that what is wrong about any extremist group or government needs to be condemned. What I also abhore are the spins given to much deeper issues by the extremely controlled global mass media. (Mr. Asadi are you smiling?)

My sources of news gathering do not include PTV's Khabarnama, and I suggest you get to the bottom of the matter by visiting a few alternate news websites and checking out derided theories which have actually come true!

Which websites and what theories, I cannot say; I don't wish to put the Chowq Stuffed to the trouble of banning me again (although I don't care at all for THAT) for revealing the said sources.

"Good to know, because ‘history is written by those who survive their past’. Pointless to dwell on, because wallowing serves a useful purpose only for buffalos."

Don't under-estimate the humble buffalo; while it munches away, it is thinking deeply; it moos when it feels really disturbed.

Indeed your beloved media is re-writing history at break-neck speed, just as Eric Blair predicted in his classic '1984'.

Sleep well.

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