Friday, 23 October 2009

Good And Willing

Dear readers:

This is how affairs start in real life. Phone calls, arranged meetings, then one thing leads to another.

To be a widower is a terrible thing to live with, specially if one keeps covering the tracks that lead to the real murderers!

Agreed that Jolie has a husband, Brad (Pith: hindquarters) who couldn't care where she spent the nights doing professional work. If our previous Min-for-In could help our man rehearse the UNO speeches all night long, and if the same man also got away with that Sarah Palin remark, why can't he get his way with a Hollywood star with swollen lips?

Now as far as being a goodwill ambassador is concerned, GOODWILL means that one is good and willing. And on top of that, Jolie has been invited to Pakistan to help with the IDP (Islamabad's Depraved Person) thing!

Let's see where this call leads.



Our man thanks Jolie for aid

ISLAMABAD: United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Refugees and Hollywood actor Angelina Jolie on Monday talked to (name withheld due to SKOTY reasons) over telephone, a private TV channel reported. The channel said (name withheld due to SKOTY reasons) thanked Jolie for her recent contribution for the rehabilitation of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Swat and Malakand and also invited her to visit Pakistan.

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