Friday, 23 October 2009

Married To Afshan

Dear readers:

Here are the opening paragraphs of one more article that Chowq Stuffed killed many moons ago.

Please see my other I-logs that feature more excerpts from my banned articles. You are being deprived of good reading material and instead being fed with depravity. Wake up!


MARRIED TO AFSHAN                                 

Feroze Tarrar’s wife is not very happy that morning about his sudden business trip—all wives are born suspicious. Like a good husband he ignores her intuitive sense; after the 11 September disaster, what can possibly go wrong for a perfect Pakistani in near-perfect America?

At the breakfast table, he picks up the bulky newspaper to glance at the day’s horoscope while taking noisy sips out of the coffee-mug. She thinks it is bad manners, he thinks it shows ‘attitude’. The Mickey Mouse on the mug smiles at his serious wife, who unable to hold her motherly silence, warns him, “If you don’t finish drinking soon enough—"

“The coffee will get cold—?" he interrupts to complete the sentence.

‘Take care while driving’, the horoscope warns him. And with secret glee, twice he reads the line that promises ‘romance’. The wife does not know he is all smiles behind the newspaper; wives cannot know everything all the time.

“I think it’s gonna be a good day for science", he comments without referring to the romantic promise.

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