Friday, 23 October 2009

Has It Hit All The Fans?



Mr Quin, I presume?

What makes you think I don't do my homework and class work properly? Moreover, I'm not finished with Chowq yet, although they feel they're done with me.

I not only do not 'lose the thread' I can 'go further' to places where no man has gone before (don't get any wrong ideas here).

Chowq editors, despite my one million protests, have never showed they understand what editors are supposed to do. They are robotic ed-eaters who run this site in autopilot mode. Does that sound insulting? Not as insulting as what they're guilty of since God knows when! They are incapable of building a lasting relationship with those who can write.

You also needn't label my fair fights as 'abusing or bullying'. I'm one million miles away from the kind of verbal abuse I've tolerated—discourtesy of Chowq Stuffed. I can dish out the same soup to my foes and make this a wonderful site but I won't.

Now, the one who labels me an Asadite would feel very unhappy at your suggestion of me doing a book on Asad's way of explaining God's work. I've spent five hours discussing and debating hard core Hadithists this evening. I might reconsider your suggestion tomorrow morning when I'm feeling better.

I do not need criticism or analysis from those who cannot inject more than half a line of honest thought in their interacts, and why must I care for their mood swings or acceptance?

How can you say I've repulsed evil with 'badder' (greater) evil? I call it paying back in almost the same currency. I don't like Kenyan Shillings but sometimes I must deal in them.

I'm not blind to the wishes of those who wish me well.


Posted by quin on Sunday May 3, 2009 05:29 am

Delirium sums it up nicely. Tahir, you must take it up and post your writing. Otherwise, it will look as you may have not even completed the article.

I know writers some time start with zeal and then lose the thread and don't know how to go further.

The way you began the topic and then took a round about approach can lead to such problems and as a fellow writer I am interested to see how you tackled that difficulty. Your skills at technicalities of tackling it will be a litmus test for you. You may ace, I don’t know.

Saying that iLog is not place for you flies on the face of
your thousands of posts in iLog section.

As a writer I will fully support the freedom of expression and right to publication - but remember that with freedom comes the huge responsibility.

You must stop abusing and bullying others. You must not get provoked on slightest things. And you must focus all your energies on developing writing skills and produce quality work on a worthy topic.

Find where yours true passion really lies. Is it not with the work of Asad? Or with Islamic history? Or in finding the cause of decay (or rise whatever you want to call it) of Islamic cultivation (I intentionally not said culture). I just bought Asad’s classic "Road to Mecca" along with Lex Hixon's “Heart of Quran". Why don't you write an article on life of Asad and his work. Tell us why it is different from other translators. You can a produce a book about that. Why all this spending of time on this website just bringing more traffic to it - all that when you hate this web site.

Unless you think your writing is above all criticism, post your positive work on here even if they are not published on FP, and get some feedback. You may find some sincere feedback coming your way - unless your ego does not allow you to share your work and take the sincere feedback for what it is.

Quran says repel bad with good. You are trying to repel what you think is bad with even 'badder' (some how, worse did not sound good here - ha ha).

So take care, revisit your approach and invest your time in some worthy cause and don't let your talents go wasted on trifles.

These were my last words to you if I don’t see any positive thing from you. You don't have to reply to this. It was in no way meant to put you down. So don’t make it a battle of wits where you have to have an upper hand. I just wish you and everyone well, and wanted for the last time give you my sincere feedback.



Are you working in league with Quin?

If I publish a full article as an I-log, how would it move Chowq Stuffed into forward gear? They dislike something in what I write, and luckily, I know what that something is!

I will re-consider your suggestion; I'm not a stone idol.


Posted by Delirium on Sunday May 3, 2009 02:29 am

Tahir, Like in the past, I am prepared to launch or be a part of any protest that aims at bringing improvement to the quality at website.

However, I would still insist that unleashing the entire content would make things more justifiable. Let chowkians be the judge and let us (chowkians) back you and other writers if they (writers) are being denied their due place.

In all humbleness, I would partly agree with both quin and Mont Blanc here. I understand that ilog is not the deserving section for a worthy piece of writing but that is the only alternate that we have at chowk. Whining or complaining won't take anyone anywhere but constructive criticism probably would.

As a reader I would not like to miss out on anything good.

As a writer, you have a strong reason to deny posting it as an ilog but then why not just to prove your point or just for the curiosity of the readers if you don't even have a point to prove? If you like to post your creative work outside the sphere of chowk that’s fair enough. Pls. let us know and do share it with us.

Am prepared to back any healthy suggestion that you believe can help improve quality of the content at the web site.



Are you in league with Del and Quin?

I know you're the president of the invisible women’s cheering team at Chowq, therefore, what are the 'better options' you say I have for publication elsewhere?

As far as Chowq is concerned, I will never die pleading but only protesting.

And I neither believe in 'chaRhaofying a chaddar' at Data sahib's nor 'paofying dhamal' at Shah Jamal's!



Posted by Mont_Blanc_Alps on Saturday May 2, 2009 01:43 pm

Posting it in ilog section will be a waste. I am sure you have better options to publish it.


Hau hai, tussi vee L'ore day o?

Thanks, stay tuned.



Posted by leenah on Saturday May 2, 2009 11:41 am

Nice, promising opening. Brings a wisp of the scent of my city :)


Old man Quin:

You're dead wrong, and daydreaming in poetry mode yet one more time!

My direct submissions to the Chowq ed-eaters number well over six original articles. My able-bodied staff members do maintain a record of what goes where.


Posted by quin on Saturday May 2, 2009 11:08 am

tahir, give a simple answer. did you submitted your aticle to editors or not. if yes, how many?

Your excuse for not posting it as an iLog is a lame excuse.
It comes across as you just don't have guts to post your writing. That is why you just keep clowning here and there. What a waste.

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