Friday, 23 October 2009

Reema Lamba

ANSWERING MISS AJAZ'S "Mallika Sherawat, Pamela Anderson of India" article


She really MADE it after divorcing Capt. Karan Singh Gill of Jet Airways!

"She oozes sex appeal in dollops. Her oomph level has hit the roof."

From which aperature--may I ask for the sake of gaining knowledge which may not be available in China? How do I find out as a happy male what my own 'oomph level' is?

By the way, what I understand from oomph level is: zero miles per hour (oo-mph)! But my ZERO-METRE THEORY could be wrong.

I also don't like the sound of the term:

"she charges in crores just for an ‘item number’"

For the sake of all the quiet perverts at Chowq, please publish her complete menu and rate list.

Great research and time well spent on a misguided divorcee!

Oozing regards.

PS: I'm always watching.

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