Sunday, 25 October 2009

Verdict From The Hi(there) Court Of Hau-Ha

Final Verdict From The Hi(there) Court Of Hau-Hai

Dear applicant:

Please note that this justice is a good justice and there is nothing awful about my bench. I normally choose to address all applicants in this kind manner, although in the past my disabled assistant might have boarded a flight of fancy and altered your name in such a manner that reflected poorly on your marital status and other capabilities. That it somehow offended you is enough reason for me to terminate the undignified services of this assistant. I do not always see what I sign and I am happy that this was not a black warrant.

You’re free to go to the mosque, to associate with whomsoever you please, and contribute to the wellbeing of this new state in whatever manner you deem fit. Henceforth, you are not to be called, remembered or referred to as ‘Miss Married Without A Bosa’.

You did not have to embarrass yourself by presenting exhibit ‘A’; I know I did announce in an I-log (Miss Mari-Bosa made me do this), that you were’ lucky and IN’ as far as the CCC was concerned. Now why must you remember such things that may have been written without a thorough investigation into your marital status, the tax record, and those other capabilities that we shall not touch upon?

My favourite writer has this to say: ‘That awful memory of woman! What a fearful thing it is.’

I will not quote the entire thing here since that will open up another Paindoo’s Box. Suffice to say, I believe you are quite unmarried—never mind what was implied in the later part of your nickname.

Madam President of the CCC has already elevated you to the status of executive member, something that ought to make you fill out your Chowq profile with truthful details.

Tahir (oh dear!)


Original Appeal:

Dear Tahir,

Since I am the only one bold enough to start a trend, I would like to know why my nick is under such scrutiny?

I am an eligible member "judge saab"* and for evidence I would like to present exhibit A, an excerpt from an ilog posted by yourself on chowk

Miss Mari-Bosa made me do this,

"The elusive membership form you ask me for is quite unformed as of this writing, but consider yourself lucky and IN any way"

Based on the above, aren't I already among the elite?

I will humbly await the verdict


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