Sunday, 25 October 2009

Unflinching Mama’s Drama For Improved Manners

Unflinching Mama’s Drama For Improved Manners


Anybody who starts an I-log under one’s own name but signs off as MF can hardly be trusted with a job that has traditionally remained questionable at a website whose name starts with the alphabet ‘c’.

To say that a ‘staff’ runs this website is to admit that a rod, cane, pole, wand, stick, or a baton, having miraculously had life breathed into it, is somehow working behind the scenes. What I have noticed during my wonder years here is that the half-human contraption never did what it was designed to do.

“Chowk an interesting community where you can exchange ideas, recipes, and dining experiences.”

One may as well rename this website Dalda Ka Dastarkwaan. It appears that a frustrated domestic cook is now at the helm of affairs.

“I will not tolerate any degradation in the observation of Chowk guidelines and high standards of ethical intercourse and polite interaction.”

Now what offends me most is anyone who first parachutes oneself in my presence and then attempts to be funnier. Perhaps the new ed-eater first ought to look at the Un-Corked section to learn a thing or two about ‘high standards of ethical intercourse and polite interaction’. What are these concepts anyway?

Taking all MFs very lightly,

Tahir (now here’s a real name)

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