Thursday, 22 October 2009

Leenah Doesn't Know

Thank you Leenah for listening twice!

Check out my own interacts (or interacts posted in my articles by others) and the kind of abuse the likes of these pseudo-Muslims 'dancing queens' allowed to be featured here. They love to hate those who do permanent damage to their 'bateesi'. I'm proud that I did that to this morally bankrupt arm-chair philosopher lot. You don't know what was going on here a while a back. The field is clear now except for a few half-men-half-apes who insist on acting silly.

A case in point is the post on my latest gallery by a confirmed NUT called peon-of-the-west who is actually one of the chowq staff! Where are their interact guidelines and principles? Actually, they exist for only a few they don't want seen here.

Again I say, down with chowq for allowing the non-sense, and down with the atheistic, abusive, whirling, half poets and their ilk.

Alone I'm sufficient to break the backs of those who become willing spectators in this anti-Islam social-engineering experiment called CHOWQ. Why I spell that using a 'q' is another matter which needn't be brought up now.

Regards and season's greetings.


  1. peon of the west a chowk staffy? now tht's really eew-akh thoo!!

  2. Thanks for realizing this NS!
    Indeed, one lakh EU on these clowns. Just look at the junk and animosity that Chowq produces! Everything I thought and wrote about this yubb-site is TRUE.