Saturday, 24 October 2009

I Swear Upon The Shame(ful) Gum...

Nothing much can be said about Yusuf Khan (alias, Daleep Kumar) who descends from a notorious den with his hands in the pocket, all in black and white, totally out of luck and 'khattam-shudd'!

Talat sahib was a real lady-killer. Don't be fooled by his honey-laced voice, just check out his photographs on the Internet!

BhayRay kammaN day bhaRay nateejay!

* Movie: Footpath
* Singer(s): Talat Mehmood
* Music Director: Khaiyyam
* Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri, Sardar Jafri
* Actors/Actresses: Dilip Kumar, Meena Kumari, Romesh Thapar
* Year/Decade: 1953, 1950s

The translation was very tricky. To get to the (hard)core of each word(play), do listen to the Urdu lyrics more closely.

And now for the news in English:


I swear upon the shame(ful) gum
My eel is gummed
Come on, come on (babe)
Let's ooh and aah today, oh Sana (at 9)a.m.
I swear upon the shame(ful) gum

Dil(do) is (pre)shaved
The rat is in the wilderness
Look how I'm lonesome (and not a three-some) tonight!

What kind of a Chin(ese) is she who is not in my lap with you?
I hope darling Judy doesn't kill me as we painfully live (separately in our own) apart(ments)
Ruth is pretty, so what?
(The nightie looks wonderful) in moonlight (without the load-shedding), so (bloody) what?
Candy is too cruel, (and her sister) Judy is (into) SM

I swear upon the shame(ful) gum
My eel is gummed....

Come hither now that Ruth has gone to sleep
Life is lost in a dessert (made out) of gum
My eyes search for you, where the (hell) are you (under the bed?)?
As I looka-looka, the (excess) gum splashes into the eyes (again, oops...sorry)


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