Saturday, 24 October 2009

Let The Flowers Touch Your Feet (baby, baby, baby!)

Don't mind Pradeep Kumar's attire but look at the 'morni ki chaal' of lovely Bina Rai who married Prem Nath (I told her not to do that); just listen to Rafi sahib's and Lata's magical voices singing Sahir Ludhianwi's uff-Allah lyrics composed by Roshan!

Yes, these are grown people chasing after one another on a set. Perfectly fair.

Those were indeed happier times, no ringing phones, no TV channels; the only channel was that of unstoppable laaaahve!

The secret recipe is the spreading of a truckload of rose petals for your beloved, wife, or somebody in between the two extremes.

Movie: Taj Mahal
Singer(s): Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar
Music Director: Roshan
Lyricist: Sahir Ludhianvi
Actors/Actresses: Pradeep Kumar, Beena Roy
Year/Decade: 1963, 1960s

PaaooN chhu lanay do phooloN ko inayat hogi, inayat hogi
Varna hamko naheeN, inko bhi shikayat hogi
shikayat hogi

Aap jo phool bichhaeN unheiN hum thukraeN - 2x
Hamko darr hai
Hamako darr hai ke ye tauheen-e-muhabbat hogi, muhabbat hogi

Dil ki bechain umaNgoN pay karam faramao - 2x
Itana ruk ruk
Itana ruk ruk ke chalogi to qayamat hogi, qayaamat hogi
PaaooN chhu lanay do ...

Sharm rokay hai idhar, shauk udhar khaiNchay hai - 2x
Kyaa khabar thi
Kyaa khabar thi tabhi iss dil ki ye haalat hogi
Ye haalat hogi

Sharm gairoN say hua karti hai apnoN say nahiN - 2x
Sharm hum say
Sharm hum se bhi karogi to musibat hogi, musibat hogi
PaaooN chhu lanay do ...

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laila gul said...

This old song is not only beautifully composed but the Uff- Allah lyrics make it more mesmerizing and absorbing… Well said ! Indeed in those days all the film actors and actresses were fully grown that was the trend of that era, not anymore. Now a days the skinnier the better !!!