Thursday, 29 October 2009

With Trojans Like THESE, Who Needs Real Horses?

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Hussain Haqqani: The most reviled Ambassador anywhere

Hussain Haqqani: AIPAC meeting that hosted Hussain Haqqani who spoke the Neocon language and did not present the Muslim point of view. He did not defend Muslims or Paksitanis, instead he repeated the Neocon rhetoric. Husien Haqqani once again exposed himself. For the past decade he has not been defending Pakistanis, Islam or Muslims. he has in fact been one of the foremost critics of Pakistan and Muslims. Over the years Mr. Haqqani's "scholarship" is "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury" signifying nothing.

Mr. Haqqani is not rally well educated or accomplished in anything but schmooze and opportunism. A former die hard Jamat e Islami member, then a virulent opponent of the PPP, Mr. Haqqani graduated to become a paid mule of the Neocons. He did not do any original research. Most of his "thoughts' can be found in the scholarship of Dr. Steve Emersen, Dr. Daniel Pipes and Mr. Robert Schwartz. Some of these and others participated in the Islamphobic events held on campuses in 2007.


My comments:

With someone's son working with John Kerry, or somebody's daughter running an NGO in Pakistan; THESE are the agents of Iblees!

THIS is the dried-up 'American WET dream'.

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