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The Art Of Blaming Dead Pilots

Skull & Bones (and airplanes)
Before I dissect the insults and allegations hurled at the pilots of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, a similar crash needs to be looked at: that of Silk Air flight 185.

Silk Air flight 185

The crashes of Egypt Air flight 990 in 1999 and Silk Air flight 185 in 1997 are both thought to have been caused deliberately by a pilot. There have been eight plane crashes linked to pilot suicide since 1976.

I have already dealt in detail with Egypt Air flight 990. Notice the spin introduced by the words ‘thought to have been’. Thoughts and irrefutable evidence are two different things. The word ‘spin’ in public relations is a form of propaganda, achieved through providing an interpretation of an event or campaign to persuade public opinion in favour or against a certain organization or public figure.

The Silk Air flight achieved supersonic speed while dropping like a stone from 35,000’ when it hit Musi River. The Indonesian National Transport Safety Committee (NTSC) was unable to determine the cause of the crash due to ‘inconclusive evidence’. The Singapore Police too ‘found no evidence that the pilot, co-pilot or any crew member had suicidal tendencies or a motive to deliberately cause the crash’.

America’s National Transport Safety Board (NTSB) took away the airplane’s black box for ‘investigation’ and in the crystal ball of ‘computer modelling’ saw the captain ‘most probably’ commit a ‘murder-suicide’.

The NTSB responded to the Indonesian investigation report through a letter dated December 11, 2000 which speculated that the ‘captain faced multiple work-related and financial difficulties’ (later in this article you will see how the same lies were repeated for Malaysian MH370’s pilots):

"When all of the investigative evidence is considered, it leads to the conclusions that no airplane-related mechanical malfunctions or failures caused or contributed to the accident; the accident can be explained by intentional pilot action as the airplane’s flight profile is consistent with sustained manual nose-down flight control inputs; the evidence suggests that the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) was intentionally disconnected; recovery of the airplane was possible but not attempted; it is more likely that the nose-down flight control inputs were made by the captain than by the first officer."
The jury in Los Angeles’ Superior Court was not allowed access to the NTSB’s findings and which independently concluded that the accident took place because of a ‘prominent issue inherent in six other Boeing 737 crashes’ due to defective servo valve inside the Power Control Unit of the rudder causing uncontrollable rudder movement. Parker Hannifin, the manufacturer of the PCU, paid the relatives of the victims $44 million in an out-of-court settlement in order to avoid going bankrupt. However, it did not accept responsibility of manufacturing defective PCUs.

It is clear the aircraft manufacturers and their vendors resort to blaming the pilots for all their own shortcomings. The investigating agencies work hand-in-glove with their own governments to protect local industries. Finally, the mainstream news media only broadcast what the government agencies want, mainly, deceptive ‘leads’ and sinister allegations against the pilots. Moreover, National Geographic’s Air Crash Investigation frightens and prejudices the public mind through their episodes. Right now, an evil deck of cards is piled up against the Malaysian pilots.
Death is not a joke, life is not a movie

The Silk Air accident happened on exactly the same date in 1979 the captain was forced to withdraw from a scheduled Air Force jet training mission because of a mechanical problem with his aircraft. The other three aircraft continued with the training mission and collided with terrain after encountering bad weather in a mountainous area. All of the pilots on board the aircraft were killed.

The captain had to die in an air crash; this was his fate.

People who do two-dimensional jobs in offices cannot ever be expected to understand the three-dimensional job of a pilot. According to Plane Crash Info data, 50% is always pilot error, 9% sabotage and 1% is other reasons. I presume by ‘other reasons’ they mean the kind of reasons for 9/11 in which no US federal agency ever got blamed because the blame was designed to be pinned on ‘suicidal Arab pilots’.

There is a clear pattern here: manufacturers remain blameless while pilots get blamed. If the above figures are added, it still leaves 40% unaccounted for and which surely must fall under the head of manufacturing defects. Boeing was found overcharging Pentagon by $13.7 million and overcharging the U.S. Army up to 177,000 percent on helicopter spare parts ($71.01 for a metal pin worth 4 cents that the Pentagon already had plenty of in storage). BAE Systems supplied badly refurbished Chinese parts for Poseiden P-8 aircrafts and charged Boeing and the U.S Navy money for new parts. The manufacturers are certainly not angels, the pilots are never the real devils.

‘Auntie Beeb’ or Beelzebub?

On 24 March 2014, a pseudo aviation expert of the lying BBC stated: “Since the captain is the most trusted person aboard; he is also the most dangerous”.

I thought the BBC’s very own prolific sex-offender, Jimmy Savile, was a most dangerous person in Britain’s own little backyard. This buggerer, Sodomite, Gomorrhean, madge cove, back gammon player, pathic, catamite, bud sallogh, madge cull, bougre, knabenschander, bujarròn, londay-baaz, this ‘Sir’ Jimmy Savile received an OBE (The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) and a KCSG (Knight Commander St. George). He proved that sodomy does pay very well if given half a chance and official patronage.

The British Bull Corporation stands exposed for airing such wickedness through the mouth of an ‘aviation expert’. His shocking statement supposedly provides the key to the mystery of MH370’s crash. The BBC, also called ‘Auntie Beeb’, has behaved much like the pagan Semitic deity Beelzebub—meaning the devil—for poisoning the public’s mind about the pilots who are unable to defend themselves. The CNN is not far behind in the blame-game.

Daily (black)Mail

England’s Daily Mail planted a head line that read ‘Democracy is dead’: ‘Fanatical' missing airliner pilot pictured wearing political slogan T-shirt.

Are gossip-filled British tabloids worth a second look? By labelling the Malaysian captain ‘fanatical’, The Daily Mail itself sounds fanatical. In any case, ‘the Daily Mail is read by the wives of the people who run Britain’.

British sense of humour and merchandising
People in the west have pioneered the art of wearing T-shirts that carry political or sexually explicit messages and which sometimes make them appear like walking advertisements. Take for example, the FCUK fragrance company which ought to be punished with a poisoned chalice for corrupting the youth through subliminal and obscenely suggestive advertising. Here is what they offer to the dirty-minded:

FCUK late night, FCUK friction (a hypnotizing blend of fresh citrus, sensual musk and warm woods, inspired by the heat ignited by skin to skin contact, these lustful scents pique all five senses and will leave you begging for more), FCUK love, FCUK3 (playful from the start, the flirtatious combination of), FCUK connect (embodies the spirit of the night, dark liquors).

But why blame FCUK when medieval England’s true ‘court humour’ is reflected in the Benny Hill Show?

Off-duty, the captain of MH370 reserved the right to wear what he wanted to. How are we to know if he bought the ‘Democracy is dead’ T-shirt himself, whether it was a present from a friend or if the image was manipulated with Adobe Photoshop? What is wrong with pronouncing ‘democracy is dead’ of one feels it is dying or dead? In any case, piecemeal democracy is a sham in most Muslim countries because it is introduced through murderous regime changes and illegitimate military coups d’états.

‘Obsessive supporter’

A colleague said ‘he was obsessed with politics, and was a social activist, a vocal fervent ‘obsessive’ supporter of Anwar Ibrahim’.

Why cannot an airline captain have political views or affiliations? Losing one’s mind in culturally rich and ethnically diverse Malaysia is far better than losing one’s neck in Arabia where dissent is punished right after the Friday congregational prayers in Riyadh’s Chop-Chop Square.
Capt. Zahari Ahmad Shah - class 5S2 (seated extreme right)
Men normally talk about politics, religion or cars. Women like talking about clothing, makeup, shopping, and children. Men with empty brains tend to negatively view other men with strong convictions. Right now, the captain’s enemies are busy uttering accusations which he is unable to counter from the grave.

The revelations about Zaharie’s political affiliations are highly sensitive in a country where political dirty tricks are widespread.

Are no dirty tricks are ever played in the democratic western world or is the cancer of ‘political affiliations’ only found in the East?

Police sources have confirmed that Shah was a vocal political activist – and fear that the court decision left him profoundly upset. It was against this background that, seven hours later, he took control of a Boeing 777-200 bound for Beijing and carrying 238 passengers and crew.

Their ‘fear’ of the captain being ‘upset’ is pure speculative finger-pointing. Interestingly, ‘investigators have not yet been able to confirm if the captain was among the crowd of Anwar supporters at court.’ The Police neither have a photo nor a video of the captain attending the court proceedings. Are they issuing reckless statements because the higher ups demanded them?

Airline pilots normally undergo psychological profiling and security clearances before being employed. There are easier ways to seek personal revenge in this world than to resort to suicidal mass killing.

Using women and children

The raids on Captain Shah’s home appeared stage-managed as a display of intent after the Prime Minister said the focus of the investigation was now on ‘crew and passengers’ as a result of the latest leads. 

Such ‘focus’ of investigation is always very quick since it conveniently turns the crew into criminals. The public has seen too many episodes of Air Crash Investigation and is convinced that pilots are full of ‘errors’, whereas the TV series Yes Prime Minister portrays politicians as having a method in their jolly madness. Will they ever make revealing documentaries about the forgetfulness of surgeons or the judgmental errors of judges?

The pilot's wife and three children moved out of the family home the day before the plane went missing. The captain is either divorced or separated although they share the same house. They have three children, but no family members were at home yesterday: only the maid has remained there.

At best, there is only ‘speculation’ that the captain ‘may have been upset after breaking up with his wife; there is no reliable source for his state of mind.’ If the separation or divorce was legal, what is wrong with that? Are they implying that the captain was a woman-hater, a wife-beater or a horrible father? Why cannot a couple, whether separated or divorced, live in any manner that befits a given situation? Pilots’ families too are human beings who visit relatives when the men are away on flights. Where now is the captain’s family, are they being kept silent?


A senior investigation source said two laptops were taken from the property by police despite denials by that his home in the upmarket Kuala Lumpur suburb of Shah Alam had been searched or raided. One laptop is believed to contain data from the simulator while a second had little information. Zaharie’s personal laptop was not found, and is thought to have been with him in the cockpit of the plane. Malaysian police also found installed a home-made flight simulator. He was affectionately described as a good neighbour and an eccentric ‘geek’ because he loved his work so much.

Why disbelieve the neighbours? Must a bright professional pilot behave like a village idiot? The accusers must know that Capt. Zaharie was also a simulator instructor with Malaysian Airlines which means he taught and assessed other pilots. He joined Malaysia Airlines in 1981, became a captain ten years later, and had 18,360 hours of flying experience.

Most technically inclined people have more than one laptop. Capt. Zaharie did not have to use a laptop to alter the course of an airplane he was flying. Not even a mad person will practise suicidal crashes at home on a simulator.

The suspicion over the pilot’s involvement mounted as Prime Minister Najib Razak said that investigators had found ‘deliberate action’ on board the plane resulted in it changing course and losing contact with ground crews. 

But on 29 March 2014, Malaysia's transport minister said investigators had found "nothing sinister" from the simulator data.

Christians have crashed far more airplanes than Muslims have but the case has steadily been built over the years against Muslim pilots. Character assassination is in the air; from now on Muslim pilots will be looked at with greater suspicion, especially those who build or fly model airplanes, buy pilot magazines or talk passionately about aviation. Will the world question those who create deadly technologies, commit covert crimes, promote arms races, and smuggle cocaine in soldiers’ coffins? I see a sign that reads: Governments of the world are busy. I think they are busy usurping the power and rights of their citizens in the name of ‘security’.
A passionate Captain COOK
Financial status

Malaysian police are now digging into the financial status of the pilot and co-pilot in the cockpit.

The world over, airlines pilots are considered financially well-off. Travel widens their mental horizons and sharpens their physical senses. It makes no sense for such family-men to accept bribes for killing themselves and innocent passengers. The only way they can frame the Malaysian captain is by suddenly ‘finding’ large sums of money in his ‘secret’ bank account as ‘evidence’ of ‘financial troubles’.

Butcher’s image

CIA’s dream-come true is the Facebook. The ‘agency’ gave agent Mark ‘the overlord’ Zuckerberg (Facebook’s creator), the prestigious ‘medal for intelligence commendation’ for allowing them free round-the-clock access to peoples’ thoughts, pictures, friends’ networks and personal data. What took millions of dollars and massive legwork to gather is now free for the covert agencies. Personal information is a tradable commodity which is gathered, bought, sold, and often misused.

The picture of the Malaysian captain stolen from his Facebook page is meant to evoke the image of a butcher but not that of a passionate cook, a professional pilot or a father. The truth is, mass murderers of mankind have huge statues raised in their honour and war-mongers are given Nobel Peace Prizes. But who is better: a Malaysian captain who loves to cook, or a popcorn and Pepsi consuming spectator of public decapitations in Arabia?

MOST WANTED for selling private data to CIA
Who did not fly?

Four passengers checked in but did not fly

People, after checking in at an airlines’ counter sometimes go to sleep in the departure lounge, remain oblivious in washrooms or busy themselves offering prayers—something that is very common in Muslim countries. Have they been able to detain and question the missing passengers?

All over the place

A military radar showed that the aircraft climbed to 45,000’, then turned sharply westwards and descended unevenly to 23,000’ on the approach to the island of Penang (Malacca Strait), and finally climbed again to 35,000’… which could have been a deliberate attempt to knock out the passengers and crew.

The service ceiling (maximum altitude achievable) of the Boeing 777 is 43,100 Ft. And one can never ‘knock out’ people just by climbing steeply; not even fighter pilots who experience extreme ‘g-pulls’ of gravity lose consciousness during such manoeuvers. Did a fighter jet on a secret mission escape to a nearby military base after scoring a ‘hit’ with MH370?

Islam under the microscope

Malaysian police, helped by FBI agents from the US, are looking into the political and religious backgrounds of both Zaharie and his co-pilot. Zaharie’s home was sealed off.

When you have the FBI inside Muslims’ minds and homes, expect trouble but never sympathy. If the current English Queen is entitled to be ‘defender of the faith’, why must practising Muslims pilots feel guilty? Her Majesty’s title is inherited from King Henry VIII (of six wives’ fame) who was given it by Pope Leo X in 1521 A.D. If it pleases Her Majesty, the Sole Creator has appointed every Muslim ‘defender of the faith’—hate-monger Geert Wilder of the Netherlands be damned.

Girls who just want to have fun at the pilots' expense
Loose cannon lasses

The co-pilot, 27-year-old Fariq Abdul Hamid, revealed to have invited two women passengers into the cockpit and smoked on an earlier flight to Phuket.

Different airlines have different policies regarding passengers’ visits; children and women like visiting cockpits more than men do. Although smoking is not allowed aboard flights, smoker pilots still smoke and sometimes invite others who desperately want the nicotine fix. The Malaysian pilots doing the same should not surprise anyone.

These women were not forced to smoke by the Malaysian pilots, chances are they were smokers who wanted to smoke but could not do so in the passenger cabin. The common ploy such women use is to befriend a pilot and then ‘get invited’ to the cockpit for ‘a smoke’.

A visitor will sometimes wish to wear a pilot’s uniform cap while having a photograph taken. In this two-way street, both pilots and women do not mind having pictures taken with each other. It was indeed a despicable act on the part of these publicity-seeking South African women to spill the beans in public while the Malaysian flight is still missing.
American star and stripes 

The ruling elites of the world have their homosexual circles, the paedophile rings and unlimited supplies of cocaine; only the brave will question and expose them, only the cowards will stoop to maligning perfectly good souls.

What expertise?

The way the plane’s transponder and communication systems were disabled and the way the plane was expertly flown over the Indian Ocean apparently using navigational waypoints meant only a skilled aviator could have been at the controls. Investigators were also baffled by why, if hijackers took over the plane, there was no Mayday call or signal from the two pilots to say the cockpit had been breached.

Anybody who has flown a modern aircraft knows what navigational waypoints mean: they are locations, geographical or aerial, that are defined by longitudes and latitudes. When every pilot knows them like the back of his hand, why associate the words ‘the way’ and ‘skilled aviator’ with the Malaysian pilots? Allowing the public access to flight software and video games makes the public a suspect, not the pilots. Unless someone suddenly walked right through the armour-plated cockpit door and shot the pilots dead, there is always time to make a Mayday distress call.
Malaysian star, crescent and stripes

Disabling the black-box?

Leading aviation lawyer James Healy–Pratt, who is helping relatives, said Malaysian Airlines had declined to buy Boeing’s Airplane Health Management system, which monitors systems in real time and could have alerted it to any potential problems, rather than having to recover a black box.

The manufacturers are always eager to sell every ‘option’ to buyers when they place airplane orders. Not buying the extra bells and whistles has no effect on normal operations and safety. Aircraft engineers maintain airplanes according to rigorous service schedules and pilots fly them within safe parameters; it is as simple as that.

East India Company's flag
A conspiracy theory from the FBI

It comes as FBI investigators say the disappearance of MH370 may have been ‘an act of piracy’ and the possibility that hundreds of passengers are being held at an unknown location has not been ruled out.

The Somali pirates have not yet contacted anybody to deliver the ransom in crisp American Dollars. But what an amazing fairy-tale, just like that of the official 9/11 ‘cover’ story! Did the FBI investigate itself after 9/11?

A federal law enforcement official told USA Today that the FBI will likely be asked to analyse the hard drive from a flight simulator that was taken from the home of one of the plane's pilots. The materials would be shipped to the FBI's forensic lab in Quantico, Va., for review. Officials in Malaysia said they hoped to restore the files, which were deleted on 3 February. Malaysian police chief, Khalid Abu, said that the files may have been erased to free up space, but that investigators wanted to check for signs or irregular flight paths, The Associated Press reported.

This amounts to handing over a blank cheque to the FBI for implicating the Malaysian captain. When data is deleted off computers or ‘smart’ phones’, it can easily be recovered with freeware; the agencies can do the same more efficiently. And this is why they want you to have very high-capacity hard-drives. One megabyte will store a paperback novel’s worth of text; imagine what can be recovered from your 750 gigabyte hard-drive. ‘INTEL Pentium inside’ simply means Pentagon’s intelligence inside. In this global digital game you have two digital choices: one or zero.

The White-Washed House

The White House press secretary Jay Carney said on 19 March 2014, “The FBI, the NTSB and the FAA are all coordinating with the Malaysian government's investigation. We are finding that the level of cooperation with the Malaysian government is solid, and we are working closely with the Malaysians as well as our other international partners in this effort to find out what happened to the plane and why it happened". President Obama has been updated "regularly" about the search, though Carney sidestepped a question about why he has not spoken publicly about the missing jet.

Drone-bomber, Oval Orifice expert, 9/11 mastermind
"We have contributed a significant number of resources and assets to the search for the plane and to the investigation into what happened," Carney said, "and, you know, we're going to continue that effort." Attorney General Eric Holder said the Justice Department was in "ongoing conversations" with the Malaysian government about how they could help.

Boeing has acknowledged security vulnerabilities in its model 777-200, -300, and -300ER series airplanes, and previously contacted the FAA for permission to change some of the onboard equipment to avoid any such a scenario. If there were any truth to this theory, the degree of sophistication needed to accomplish this task would likely warrant state-sponsorship, and possible motives for doing so would be political, such as to drive a wedge between Malaysia and China.


A senior Air Asia pilot has been suspended for suggesting in a Facebook post that the Malaysian authorities have been "hiding facts" about the disappearance of MH370. Two airlines' pilots came out yesterday strongly in support of Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, following mounting speculations that he had committed "pilot suicide", killing everyone on board of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight 370. But it is indeed a cruel joke to turn commercial safety-minded pilots into suicidal kamikaze pilots.

'New' search areas (05 Apr '14)
Capt. Zaharie was in no state of mind to fly the day it disappeared and could have taken the Boeing 777 for a "last joyride" before crashing into the Indian Ocean, a fellow pilot says. His world was crumbling, said the long-time associate. He had been facing serious family problems, including separation from his wife and relationship problems with another woman he was seeing. The man, who spoke to the New Zealand Herald on condition of anonymity, said Capt. Zaharie was "terribly upset" when his wife told him she was leaving and believed he may have decided to take the Malaysia Airlines plane to a part of the world he had never flown in.

I know pilots who are separated, some twice married, a few twice divorced, or whose families have suffered horrible accidents; they have one thing in common: they never allow personal tragedies to destroy their professionalism. This ‘anonymous long-time associate’ of Capt. Zaharie has no business speculating away, but then aviation is such a business. Long ago while I was attending the funeral of a pilot who died in a plane crash, I heard his senior colleague claim, “But you know; he was professionally quite weak.” What a terrible thing to say while praying for a departed soul.

Disorientating a Presidential candidate

John F Kennedy Junior was a Presidential hopeful whose magazine, George, planned to uncover the real assassins of his father. He was assassinated on July 16, 1999. The investigators concluded that ‘JFK junior was disoriented as a pilot and crashed his Piper airplane into the ocean and where the debris scattered over a wide area’.

The reality is that his plane exploded in mid-air because it had been tampered with. The truth is the Kennedys do not have a ‘curse following them’ but rather their own ‘men in black’ tailing them.

The authorities have during the past one month always cried that ‘the MH370’s debris is spread over a wide-area’.

SIMON says 'crash'?

A hacker called Hugo Teso created an Android application called Plane Sploit. He spent three years developing SIMON, a malicious network code. In early 2013, he demonstrated how, through radio signals, he could send malicious commands to alter an aircraft’s speed, altitude and an airlines’ security software.

Search areas with strange cloud-patches (7 April '14)
"You can use this system to modify approximately everything related to the navigation of the plane. That includes a lot of nasty things. Tools can do things like change what's on a pilot's display screen or turn off the lights in the cockpit, and tap preloaded commands like ‘Please Go Here’ and the ominous ‘Visit Ground’”, Hugo admitted.

Analyst Graham Cluley of Sophos Security said it's unclear how devastating Teso's find would be if unleashed on an airplane in flight.

On 8 March 2014, Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 vanished without a trace. We are now living in the age in which mankind has taken a bite of devastating technology’s rotten apple. While inventor Hugo will be whisked away to a secret laboratory to ‘serve humanity’ in subtle ways, humanity will pray to the Sole Creator, cry tears of blood and term the crash God's Will.

©Tahir Gul Hasan 2014

The text in italics has been copied from various sources on the internet and at places edited for clarity only. I apologise for not being able to provide copyright information for each and every image.

Friday, 4 April 2014

A Hole At The Bottom Of The Sea

Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 (shown in red colour)
An ancient children’s play song includes elements such as "There's a hole at the bottom of the sea". Let there be no doubt: the MH370’s kill-zone over troubled waters was carefully chosen, a location so remote that neither the relatives would be able to reach it on their own, nor evidence of wrong-doing ever be found.

And even if MH370 crashed elsewhere, the ‘evidence’ might have been carried away for dumping in an area where the average depth of the ocean is around 9,000 Ft. The global actors have only presented forever-changing theories and modified old ones to confuse the public. Using such delay tactics it will become easier to doctor evidence for yet one more ‘official finding’.

Two 'crash' locations of MH370 near Perth
Roaring Forties

The MH370’s suspected crash site southwest of Perth is notorious for strong winds and turbulent waters, hence the name ‘Roaring Forties’. With 26 days already spent ‘searching’, the forces of nature will scatter the debris over an area hundreds of miles across. Although “floating objects were spotted in satellite images”, they were turned out to be discarded fishing equipment. Who knows where the trawlers have taken the debris and in what novel manner it will be ‘pieced together’ for the world?
Diamantina Deep (above), SEIR (below)

Pilots do not bother themselves with the skies but with ocean depths. Those who brought down MH370 had certainly done their ocean math. The suspected crash area has an under-water ridge in which the airplane is expected to vanish forever. In 2009, when Air France Flight 447 crashed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, it took $40 million, four lengthy search expeditions and two years to find the black box. Expect expensive specialists to hunt for the wreckage of MH370.

The Diamantia Deep (in red) is very deep
Diamantina Deep

The Diamantina Deep is the deepest location in the South Indian Ocean, 26,401 Ft (8,047m) deep,and not ‘23,000’ as stated by the authorities. The red portion in the map is the Southeast Indian Ridge (SEIR) which is a divergent tectonic plate boundary located along the seafloor of the southern Indian Ocean. It separates the Indo-Australian Plate to the north from the Antarctic Plate to the south.

St. Paul (South Indian Ocean)
Of particular interest are the Southeast Indian Ridge's islands of Saint-Paul (38.7S & E77.5E, measuring 4 Km by 4 Km) and Amsterdam (37.8S & 77.5E, measuring 7 Km by 10 Km). The longitude 77E reminds one of American Airlines flight 77 that was ritually destroyed on 9/11.
Amsterdam (South Indian Ocean)

Images from Google Earth show some odd things such as: painted clouds only over Amsterdam but a cloudless surrounding ocean, the strange bluish haze around both the islands, and the clear ocean immediately surrounding the islands that is clear and dark green in colour. What skeletons are they hiding in their closets? The images are dated 2014; did they ‘update’ them after the MH370 crash to cover something they did not wish the public to notice?

Possible Locations

The number of plausible runways where the plane could have touched down (which need to be at least 5,000 Ft) are 634 or higher, from Australia to the Maldives to Pakistan.

South East Indian Ridge (SEIR)
The authorities might have checked some runways but checking all militarily ‘sensitive’ locations is considered out of the question. The search is, therefore, incomplete and will remain so. If “US investigators say faint pings were being transmitted for several hours after the flight lost contact with the ground”, why did Obama & Company not help the Malaysian authorities? Why does the pilot-ATC transcript contain no MAYDAY call from the pilots?

Malaysian officials have stated that there was “sealed evidence” in regard to the missing flight that cannot be disclosed and which “included air traffic control radio transcript, radar data and airport security recordings."

What they probably mean is that if they disclosed the evidence, Malaysia’s own fate will be sealed.

Who made everybody run in wrong directions?

A new search area was announced on 28 March 2014, located 2500 Km west of Perth and over a very deep ridge. Later during the same day, another location, 1850 Km west of Perth was announced. Sea depths in the new zone ranged from 2,000 meters (6,560 feet) to 4,000 meters (13,120 feet).

The public has lost count of 'new' search areas
Since the ‘crash’ announcement of 24 March, every day fresh search areas have been defined by the authorities to keep roving eyes away from the real spot where the crime might have been committed.

A satellite was able to pick up a ‘ping’ from the plane until 08:11 local time, more than seven hours after it lost radar contact but was unable to give a precise location. The Malaysian Prime Minister said that investigators ‘have determined the plane’s last communication with a satellite and was in one of two possible corridors – north from the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan through to northern Thailand, and south from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean.

The owners of spy satellites who capture and archive such digital data also have the power to alter it beyond recognition. The initial report of the airplane heading westwards had the poor Indians going all over their precious ocean around the Andaman Islands and as far afield as the Maldives. It had the Pakistani military’s top brass biting their toenails because the Osama bin Laden episode had caused them an embarrassment of American proportions. But then the search pied pipers changed their tune by releasing a new map to make everyone head in the exact opposite direction to the South Indian Ocean, west of Australia.
According to Reuters, this is how and where MH370 went

Yet another military radar picture shows that MH370 flew for almost three hours. This means it used up nearly half of its fuel before vanishing. Could it fly further south many thousands of kilometres with the remaining fuel? If the radar picture is to be believed, MH370 might have flown at the most for three more hours and which means it never went southwest of Australia but was downed elsewhere.

Was everyone put to sleep?

Recall Pakistani President General Zia-ul-Haq’s crash of 1988. It is believed his Hercules C-130’s cockpit contained two cases exploding mangoes placed by someone in the know.

Whenever airplanes divert due to any reason, the passengers are the first to ask questions. To believe that everyone aboard remained oblivious of the aircraft’s journey towards Antarctica is the height of naiveté.  Flying in a southerly direction would have only been possible if the In-Flight Entertainment system (IFE) of the airplane were first disabled to prevent passengers from following the aircraft’s altitude, speed and direction. Were all aboard MH370 incapacitated, perhaps gassed, through a devious means?

Is Malaysia in trouble?

On 24 March 2014, the same day that MH370 was reported ‘crashed’, Malaysian Airlines flight MH066 diverted to Hong Kong due to a generator failure. It appears that the Malaysian Airlines is being manoeuvred into the same precarious position that PIA is in right now. By peddling the ‘suicidal crash’ theory, the creators of the synthetic ‘global war on terror’ might be forcing Malaysia to do something she may not be willing to do. Muslim countries that disobey war lobbies are frequently being given terrible gifts disguised as ‘acts of God’.

The US has many better satellites but did not initially take part in the search for MH370 because it held back to see what information China’s satellites provided. Malaysia’s Minister, Hishammuddin, gave hints of his hands being tied by intelligence protocols, and refusal by the foreign intelligence services and diplomatic reluctance.

The media never questioned those who failed Malaysia as their neighbour and neglected duties assigned under various defence treaties. Malaysia put all the national security cards on the table but countries whose nationals were on flight MH 370 did not come forward with sincerity to assist. Malaysia is a victim of this tragedy as the plane was used for a hidden agenda. Israel is exploiting the tragedy to create public opinion for a war against Iran, a Muslim country that has close ties with Malaysia.
Area map released by Malaysia, Australia and the UK 

170 interviews have been conducted with family members of the pilots and crew members, even cargo and food served on the plane were being investigated. The Malaysian police chief thinks ‘the criminal investigation could go on and on and on to clear every little thing and that ‘at the end of the investigations the reason for the incident and real cause may not be known’.

What the public needs to ask is this: how is it that certain power blocks can quickly agree on imposing economic sanctions and then attacking sovereign states but will not use resourcefulness in the case of ‘downed’ MH370? In many countries, crew members are fully security-cleared before being hired, then why do the investigating agencies always attempt to blame the occurrence of an incident or accident on these proud professionals?

Are the share-holders causing trouble?

It is clear that Malaysian Airlines is being portrayed as a ‘loss-incurring liability’ that must ‘not be bailed out by the government’ but rather ‘split and sold off’ to either the nearest crony investor or ‘bailed out’ by a bank. The current tragedy is expected to accelerate a ‘downward trend requiring re-structuring, shrinking the passenger-carrying capacity and the route network’. Malaysian Airlines shares have also ‘lost three quarters of their value in the past five years’.

Malaysian Airlines raised $3.36 billion through various sources to buy more airplanes. When Khazanah Nasional, the state investor, tried to cut back its 69% share in the airlines and wished to arrange a swap-deal with competing Air Asia, the strong union of 20,000 employees opposed it. An MP of the opposing People’s Justice Party insists the airlines is ‘sick’ and is bleeding public funds’.

'Great People To Fly With’
Corporate logo and slogan

Remarkably similar to the Malaysian Airlines’ story is that of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). Recall the infamous ‘TK-PK code-sharing’ deal that was being signed between PIA and Turkish Airlines as a panacea for all ills. When the proud PIA employees resisted the ‘deal’ they were attacked by hoodlums and baton-charged by the Police; the deal finally collapsed. Now the Sharif Brothers rule over Pakistan, they are very close to the Turks and the TK-PK deal is far from over. PIA’s operations are being curtailed on pretexts such as ‘lack of aircraft spares’, ‘too few airplanes’, ‘not enough money to buy newer aircrafts’, and ‘over-staffing’.

Newsmen who once milked PIA for free tickets are now viciously condemning her because they are not getting their fix. Elected representatives continue to travel for free and some will be happy to have PIA chopped up and served cheaply to their partners in privatisation crime. Why must every state-run enterprise always be expected to make huge profits? Why must a government surrender natural resources and key assets to international loan sharks, and why should it not restrict unbridled privatisation?

Must this world be sold over lock, stock and barrel to the likes of Qaroon? The story of rich and arrogant Qaroon is mentioned in the Holy Quran (28:76-81), the ‘keys of whose treasures were heavy even for ten men or more to carry’. The Earth swallowed him along with his financial empire because he exulted in financial wizardry and spread corruption in society. The situation remains almost the same in every age. Modern Qaroons—the economic hit-men—can be found occupying high positions all around the world serving the poisoned chalice of the IMF-WB to whole economies.

Testing Chinese and Malaysian defences

Matthias Chang, a prominent Malaysian lawyer, author, political secretary and adviser to former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, has the following to say:

China has showcased its military clout and reach, while other countries have dragged their feet on disclosing sensitive defence data. China’s rise is fuelling an arms race, and Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines are engaged in territorial disputes over shipping lanes, fishing and hydrocarbon reserves.

Malaysia’s appealed to many countries for help but only got polite stonewalling and demands of written requests. Some nations checked their archives but remained busy spying on each other.

Octopussy's loving embrace
Was the plane ordered to turn back, if so who gave the order? Was the plane turned back manually or by remote control? If it was the latter, which state possesses the technologies to execute such an operation? Did MH 370 carry aboard weapons to Beijing and if so, were they biological weapons or dirty bombs? Was Beijing the target and if so, why?

Australia was the first country to identifying the alleged MH 370 debris in the Indian Ocean, followed by France, Thailand, Japan, and Britain via Immarsat. Why has the US not offer any satellite intelligence till today? Prior to the switch of focus to the Indian ocean, was the SAR mission in the South China seas, used as a cover for the deployment of undersea equipment to track and monitor naval capabilities of all the nations’ navies competing for ownership of disputed territorial waters?

Why did the foreign mass media not focus on the intelligence and surveillance capabilities of Diego Garcia, the strategic naval and air base of the US? Was the flight path of MH 370 (if it crashed in the Indian Ocean) within the geographical parameters of the Intelligence capabilities of Diego Garcia? Why were no planes deployed from Diego Garcia to intercept the “unidentified” plane if it posed a threat to the military base?

The outdated capabilities of the Hexagon satellite system deployed by the US in the 1970s have a ground resolution of 0.6 meters whereas the latest technologies are able to identify much smaller objects. Why have such satellites not provided any images of the alleged debris? Were they deliberately withheld?

On April 6th, 2012, the US launched a mission dubbed “NROL-25” (consisting of a spy satellite) from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The NROL-25 satellite was likely rigged with “synthetic aperture radar” a system capable of observing targets around the globe in daylight and darkness, able to penetrate clouds and identify underground structures such as military bunkers. Though the true capabilities of the satellites are not publicly known due to their top-secret classification, some it is claimed the technology allows the authorities to zoom in on fist-sized objects from hundreds of miles away. How is it that no imagery of MH370 debris was forwarded to Malaysia, as this capability is not classified though other technologies might well remain classified? Were these capabilities not correct?

The Grateful Dead's Diego Garcia
In December, 2013, the USAtlas V rocket was launched carrying the spy satellite NROL-39 for the National Reconnaissance Office, an intelligence agency which is often overshadowed by the notorious National Security Agency (NSA), only it scoops data via spy satellites in outer space. The “NROL-39 emblem” is represented by the Octopus and claims “Nothing is beyond our reach”. Emblematically, enemies of the United States can be reached no matter where they choose to hide. Why are the tentacles of America’s World Octopus spreading across the globe to coil around everything within its grasp?

The US may not want the plane MH 370 to be recovered if rogue intelligence operators were responsible for the disappearance. If answers to the above questions are not forthcoming, the Malaysian government ought to declare publicly that her national sovereignty and security have been jeopardized and that the relevant intelligence agencies have been tacitly complicit.

By being open, Malaysia may prevent a hostile act against a third country. Malaysian mass media must initiate such queries as only the US and other intelligence agencies can answer. It is futile to demand answers from Malaysia as she is neither able to supply such information nor has the capabilities possessed by global and regional military powers.

Google Earth shows that Diego Garcia indeed has a GPS (global positioning satellite) tracking station as well as an Air force Satellite Control Network Tracking Station. What are they really doing in the middle of the Indian Ocean pretending they never saw or heard anything that looked or sounded like MH370?

Forever new frontiers

Boeing has precious little to say on the matter. Boeing’s famous “If it’s not Boeing, I’m not going” is in danger of being modified to “If IT IS Boeing, I’m NOT going”. Other Boeing’s corporate slogans that fit into the MH370’s story are: “Forever New Frontiers”, and “That’s Why We’re Here”.

The Boeing 777-300ER, after 800 hours of ground tests, the GPS navigation computer system failed to retain aircraft position data at its cruising altitude of 35,000 feet at an air speed of 557 miles per hour due to atmospheric pressure. After several attempts to correct the problem, project engineers found it in the best interest of the company, its employees, and shareholders to terminate the development of the 777-300ER model.
Anybody for Airbus?

When the Boeing 777-300ER was rolled out, its slogan was "Working Together. Flying Farther". Right now, the relatives of the dead passengers of MH370 know that some covert agencies are indeed ‘together’ in this and busy flying the public ‘farther’ from the truth.

In conclusion

A major portion of the debris of New York’s Twin Towers was dumped into the ocean so that nobody would notice the precisely angled cuts on steel girders. And they quickly sliced into thousands of ‘manageable pieces’ tons of steely radioactive evidence for a cheap sale to China and India. That steel might have been used to manufacture cooking utensils laced with radioactivity.

George ‘war Bush is a compulsive grand liar who had key 9/11 witnesses threatened and the smoking guns silenced forever. There are other liars as mighty as him in the world, all hell-bent upon deceiving and killing the ‘expendable’ masses. This deception and murder over land, in the air and over the sea needs to be stopped.

It is time for the mainstream news media writers to begin appreciating the differences between suicide and seaside, between martyr and murder. MH370 was not a 'suicide mission flown by murderous pilots' but rather martyrdom by the seaside.

This concludes the fifth article on the topic; the sixth one will counter the unjust accusations hurled at the martyred Malaysian pilots of MH370.

©Tahir Gul Hasan 2014

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