Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Let The People Decide

I will let you—the sensible people—decide what Chowq is up to. They are depriving you all of good reading material by being stubborn to the core. As evidence, I am reproducing the email message I sent them a week ago.

I challenge them to pick a word or a line in the submitted article that crosses their imaginary line of 'high writing standards'.

Come on ed-eaters, I dare you!


Article for front page (Qutb-ud-deen Aibak)

From: (tahir....)
Sent: 29 September 2009 07:28:49
To: CHOWK editors (editors@chowk.com)
Bcc: CHOWK,Safwan Shah (safwan@chowk.com); CHOWK help (help@chowk.com)

Attachments: 1 attachment, Qutb-ud-d...docx (140.1 KB)

Chowk editor-in-chief:

While you ponder over whether to talk to me directly or not, here's my re-submission for publication on the front page of Chowk.

Since the article is formatted a certain way, I can only send you an attachment which, if opened using MS WORD 2007, will appear the way I want it.

Congratulations, you allowed Mr Asadi to be published.

Please allow all WRITERS to delete nasty interacts in their articles; this will reduce your moderation workload and allow us to regulate things fairly.

Thanks in advance.

Read other ARTICLES by the author to find out why he is banned on Chowq's front page

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