Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Most Dangerous Man On Chowq

The head-spinner has spun another web on Chowq. I have always disliked this emigrant’s pseudo-liberal irreligious views and laughed at his Darwinian tilt. Most people are easily fooled; only someone who knows the warped minds of such mind-controllers can expose them.

Dear readers, you do not have to read the original article because that will give him those much-desired clicks (‘times viewed’ at Chowq).

Please read his beliefs and my rebuttals now:

“There was a time in history when human psyche was believed to be a soul. Religious people believed that soul was independent and existed prior to the existence of the body. Such a concept of soul was predominantly popular in Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities. Some people believe in a soul and the Day of Judgment.”

Now according to this irreligious man, Time has ended because nobody on Earth believes in God anymore; it was the folly of the ancients. The writer has a Muslim name, but you can guess how far astray he is from the path when he makes such illogical atheistic statements. Repeatedly he uses the past tense to emphasise the point that to think of one’s soul as an answerable thing before God on Judgement Day is plain old-fashioned. What is fashionable is to believe in this psychiatrist’s theory, forget about the messages and the books that the Prophets brought us, and emigrate to Canada if one is to avoid the clutches of religion.

The doctor is utterly confused about the combined Muslim-Jew-Christian population figures. It is not ‘some people’ who believe, but billions worldwide who possess real souls that God will claim at the time of death. The spiritually marooned and hollow ones believe in what the doctor here believes; for them I can only pray.

“In the last few centuries there has been a third model that is becoming more popular in the world. It is the secular model. Followers of such model call psyche, mind, not soul. In this model the mind is intimately connected with the body and does not exist independent of body. It is an extension of the body, related to the functioning of the brain and is connected with human personality that makes choices of human lifestyle.”

His ‘third model’ is a third rate model propped up by the mind-worshipping materialists and the Communists, and those who have been claimed by the devil as his own do believe in such non-sense. Interestingly, Psyché is a word of Greek origin, which etymologically means ‘breath of life’ that animates the body. Aristotle spoke of Psyché as bios (life). Psyche was a Greek goddess with a background so colourful that it will make the ladies blush.

The head-spinner wants us to believe that mind—composed of matter—is all there is to life, which just evolved through chance over eons. Hence, the mind is the brain.

When we think of something evil, does it originate in the heart? And when we stop ourselves from evil, does that command originate in the brain or does the self-correcting soul take over? I have written in my profile here on Chowq: Faith begins where science ends.

Foolish men will neither receive God’s Light in their dark hearts nor allow others to appreciate it; with dazzling science they attempt to mislead mankind. Notice how the doctor confuses the simple readers by mentioning ‘personality, lifestyle, brain, mind, Psyché’, all in one paragraph!

“Secular model, in which human psyche is called human mind has been developed because of the advances of biologists like Charles Darwin, psychologists like Sigmund Freud, sociologists like Karl Marx, and existentialist philosophers like Jean Paul Sartre.”

The less said about these secular godless existentialist scholars the better. In fact, if you sift through my interacts at Chowq, you will read more on the subject. The atheists have always received a well-deserved spanking from me—all praise is due to the Creator of what is visible and what is invisible.

“Since secular people do not believe in life after death, they try their best to make their lives more meaningful and create a paradise on earth.”

Here the doctor supposes erroneously that nothing exists after death. Man, through the Qur’an (and older revealed books), has been commanded to do the best in this world and work hard for a blissful eternity (heaven) in the hereafter. If one believes what the unbelieving fools believe and only indulges in carnal and materialistic worldly pleasures, one imperils one’s entire eternity.

“Based on these secular models contemporary mental health disciplines of psychiatry, psychology, nursing and social work have adopted a model that we call a bio-psycho-social model...”

The Maker has shown through revelations what man’s inner nature is, what forces he faces and how he must overcome them in this world, and how he must emerge as a winner in the next world. Now take your pick: it is this true promise from God versus what the psychiatrist sessions on couches and the men in white coats will give you.

“People suffering from schizophrenia and manic depressive illness might have a strong biological component as they might have inherited mental illness from their parents that have transmitted the illness through genes.”

The doctor wants us all to blame our parents instead of being thankful or kind to them! I have seen abnormal children born to perfectly normal parents, so why must the doctor utter this? Mankind is doomed because such doctors will recommend racial profiling, store and then abuse medical information, and finally do what genetics-Eugenics expert Adolf Hitler did.

“I am there to help them in reducing their emotional suffering whether depression, or anxiety, paranoia or marital problems, and improving their quality of life.”

How can the doctor treat others when he has untreatable disorders residing in his soul? One can only improve one’s quality of life by being obedient to God and following the prescribed methods for physical and mental wellbeing.

“I never object to it as I believe that their attending church services offer them emotional and moral support..”

Being a secular humanist, the doctor finally admits defeat because spirituality does make one a better person in every way, whereas crass materialism and atheism create unimaginable problems.

“After that experience my aunt and uncle agreed with me that the psychiatric treatment was the cake and the spiritual practices the icing.”

Here the doctor narrates a cock-and-bull story and inverts the treatment diagram. No, spirituality is the cake and—perhaps—psychiatric treatment the icing.

“Being a secular humanist and psychotherapist I belong to the third group (a mind that exists as an extension of body and brain that dies when the person dies. They do not believe in life after death and Day of Judgment).”

The doctor’s mind surely exists as an extension of his body and brain. I expect my soul to be questioned and the reason why I am questioning the doctor here is that we are placed as God’s vice-reagents on this Earth to do good and to suppress evil.

Speaking of evil, I expect to be banned on Chowq for insulting the spiritually lost psychiatrist. But do I care for this?—I am afraid I do not.

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