Friday, 23 October 2009

Since You've Addressed Me Politely


Given your previous record of bad-mouthing all what's dear to Muslims, I shouldn't even be answering your question, since you've addressed me politely, I will answer.

Only a fool can love what Mrika has done to so many countries on one pretext or another. Only a damned fool can ignore who really controls Mrika and for what purposes. What business have they (except for OIL and DOPE) in Iraq and Afghanistan? Do you condone that? If they come to occupy Indus-tan, will you be happy; I'm sure not?

Always study more than one source of news, read between the lines, and derive your own conclusions. I've drawn mine, just like so many others who know what's really going on.

Don't make me restate the obvious, instead see the wickedness of Chowq's censorship and put your own pieces together.

I object to the sinful glorification of all things Mrikan; you may do so, but do it at your own peril.

Every mouthful that you feed yourself with living in Mrika is snatched from the poor of other countries.

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