Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Islam IS For All, Forever


I did comment on your ‘I believe that the root-cause of human misery in today's world is unruly population growth’ statement placed in your profile:

***Posted by tahir on Wednesday October 7, 2009 10:32 am
"I believe that the root-cause of human misery in today's world is unruly population growth."

Husain sahib, you need to re-think because THEY have it in the plan to 'reduce' the population by whatever means possible. You can guess what THAT means!

The root cause is this: 'The poor don't get enough to eat because the rich waste too much.' (Ali ibn abi Talib). I'm sure you know this very gentle man.

***You answered thus:

Ali also said "Less children means wealth". In any case quotes from people (and from Quran) depend on the situation under which they were spoken, out-of-context quotes can be dangerous. btw are you commenting on my iLog or me? since Ali also said "don't look at who is saying, but what is being said" :)


You deflected Ali ibnabi Talib’s (bless him) quote about the poor and the rich, thought I was talking out of context.

Your view that ‘even though I don't agree with the concept of praying) is childish in my opinion’ is—well, silly and childish. Who taught you this, and were you raised in a vacuum? You are directly insulting those who stand, bow and prostrate in humility to Allah. I am sorry to hear that the exercise does not seem to work for you; it happens only to those who mock at religion in overt and covert ways and never practise what is prescribed.

And now your blog poses another question (“Islam is for all universe for all times. yes? no?) that has been answered by Allah—if you would care to read the Qur’an. By any chance, do you work for the Gallup Poll people?

Your statement ‘Islam was born in 7th century Arabia and it has DISTINCT features that reflect the reforms needed at the time’ needs to be looked at.

I will not quote entire passages from the Qur’an here and I will not rebuke the Islam-bashers but I will ask you directly. What revealed commands and religions did the earlier prophets follow and practise, and were they spiritually not linked with one another? What do the revealed books or God want from us? Did the Sole Creator keep changing His mind, as Greek gods or goddesses seem to do, in between rapes and abductions?

Despite having a surname of HUSAIN—you are attempting to be an exceeding liberal Muslim (it is called 'posing') on this forum where hatred-filled extremist Indusians and atheists love abusing Islam and all that is dear to Muslims (those who submit completely to the will of Allah), along with targeting those who defend it. They also love posting apparently innocent questions that most Muslims do not know how to answer. Please see my Chowq PROFILE where I have attempted to remind the forgetful owners of this yubb-site to remain conscious of God alone.

I am one of the defenders (religion gives me that right, the Mrikan Congress has no authority for such approvals), and I will oppose those who dare to twist the established facts to suit their silly ideas of what the Sole Creator is and what His Way of guiding mankind is.

Be careful and review what you have written. I do not care about whether you worship Mother Earth, but do keep your Muslim identity and culture—throw in good upbringing too—in mind next time you speak about Islam.

When you write or pronounce the last messenger’s name, Muhammad (peace on him), do show the prescribed respect.

I will leave in peace now.

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