Saturday, 24 October 2009

What You've Promised Me (O mother of the 13 royal ones)

Here's another classic from the film Taj Mahal. The lyrics are awesome (please see for the names of the lyricist and the composer). Don't mind the familiar set and the French designer dresses; if Scottish Highlanders can wear kilts, why can't thoroughbred Moguls?

In between rebellion-crushing battles, our glorious emperors wrote and sang love songs for their wives. I believe, Shah Jahan loved Mumtaz Mahal to death.

In 1631, in the fourth year of his reign, Shah Jahan set out for Burhanpur with his armies to kiss the rebels. Even though Mumtaz Mahal was in the ninth month of a pregnancy, she accompanied him. On a hot evening of April in 1631, the queen gave birth to their fourteenth child, but suffered complications that later took her breath away. Legend has it that with her dying breath, she secured a construction contract from Shah Jahan: to build for her a mausoleum more beautiful than any the world had ever seen before.

Does the film have fourteen songs?

Anyway, this song is about the possibility of that fatal fourteenth pregnancy which the emperor is hinting at by repeatedly running from pillar to post (phallic symbols, really).

At 01:23 minutes into the song, the queen agrees that indeed she will die giving birth to the next royal baby, and that her mausoleum, Taj Mahal, will become a major global tourist attraction for future Industan.

Very decent royalty I must say, at 01:50 they come very close but never hug; but at 2:05 they do it only partially! How did they achieve such miracles?

The name WAFA (Hum apni wafaa pay na ilzaam layNge) referred to at 1:56 is the code name for the emperor's mother who nags the permanently pregnant queen.

Security was always an issue. Notice at 2:10, the queen is wearing a pointed steel-plated breast-piece, hence no hugging at 2:25 again!

At 2:33, they are referring to their thirteen children (chaand aur taaray), and at 2:50, they mention the fourteenth child! very clever lyrics, Sahir Ludhhianwi sahib!

Dig the 'chamach' (spoon) providing the 1-2-3-4 count on the dholak--very 'shadi-biah' like!

And ladies, please appreciate Beena Rai's triple side-burns!

Notice how steady the shots are, no panning, no lap-dissolves and no fast cuts. What a treat to the eyes! Enjoy!

Jo vaada kiya woh nibhaana paRega
Roke zamaana chahey roke khudai
Tumko aana paRega

Tarasti nigahoN nay aawaz di hai
Mohabbat ki aahon nay awaaz di hai...aaaaa
Jaan-e-hayaa jaan-e-ada choRo tarsaana
Tumko aana paRega
Jo vaada kiya woh nibhaana paRega

Ye maana hamein jaN say jaana paRega
Parr ye samajh lo tumnay jab bhi pukara
Humko aana paRega...
Jo vaada kiya woh nibhaana paRega

Hum apni wafaa pay na ilzaam layNge
Tumhe dil diya hai tumheiN jaan bhi dayNge...aaaaa
Jab ishq ka sauda kiya, phir kya ghabrana
Humko aana paRega
Jo vaada kiya woh nibhaana paRega

Chamaktay haiN jab tak yeh chaand aur taaray
Na tootayNge ab ehd-o-paimaaN hamaare...aaaaa
Ek doosra jab day sadaa hokay dewaana
Humko aana paRega

Jo vaada kiya woh nibhaana paRega, nibhaana paRega

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