Friday, 23 October 2009

Ask Questions Instead

This is for Leenah and Fouz (and others too) who asked me some questions in: DON'T BE FOOLED (



(every time I correct your name, the gap between 'u' and 'z' remains!)

The domestic refugees (IDPs) will receive a heavy baton-charge if they head for the Presidential palace or the PM House; the higher ups won't have them around!

With hundreds of these high-uppers going about in official cars with flags and motorcycle escorts, let each take care of a thousand IDPs, and we'll be over with the crisis.

I don't consider the IDPs parasites. If a rascal son continuously ruins a household financially, which father in his sane mind will perpetually support him without giving a piece of his mind? We are ruled by rascal sons who insist on being known as sons of the soil.

The IDP situation is not like 1947, the earthquake, or the tsunami, it has been engineered by men in fancy suits and uniforms while attending high profile global summits of peace--may they all go to pieces.

The case of the Medina folks calling the Mecca muhajirs their 'sons' was taken up by the Book because property feuds followed when claims began cropping up in adopted families where someone had been addressed as 'my son' by the deceased! 'Nobody but your own flesh and blood can be your REAL son': THIS was the message!

Our gate-keepers--instead of protecting us--opened the gates while we slept at night. Sure, must we forgive them for their repeated follies spread over half a century, give them prime agricultural land for DHAs and medals every 14th. of August? To what edge have they really driven us?

The Swati 'haves' have been reduced to the state of 'have-nots', and this situation now threatens the other 'haves' down south. Tourism, industry, peace, all has been destroyed while dancing to the tune of the global Pied Piper.

As for the ex-patriots happily living ab-ROD, they needn't get all worked up; they always do. 17 Crores of their countrymen is a huge figure; simple people always donate even though the East Pakistan flood of the 1970s has long been forgotten. We are a nation that happily rids itself of all guilt mainly at traffic lights by giving to professional beggars.

I carry an intelligent wallet.



Why must you NOT comment on others' responsibility; modern education always makes one submissive in the face of repression and deceit.

IDPs are not cats injured by drunk drivers (think of Yahya Khan, and you might say our drivers ARE drunk), hence that comparison is invalid. The poor Swati cat was not killed overnight, it took thirty years to achieve this GROWTH.

The trick of the Machiavellian rulers is to rub all guilt so deep in everyone's consciousness that they shout: IT IS MY DUTY ALONE, I MUST CARRY EVERYONE'S CROSS!

As for your last hypothetical question, let ONE guilty man unload a few bullets into his parade-damaged brain, and then we shall see.

Do your duty then little schoolgirl.

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