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Chowq Stuffed-3 (meet THE boss)

Meet Chowq's Boss!

Heeeeeeeeeeerrrre's Dr. Safwan Shah!

To complain to him directly about unfair Ban Chowqing of articles, contact:

Safwan Shah
Infonox, Inc. 980 Hamlin Court Sunnyvale CA 94089, USA
Tel: (408) 744 1700 Ext. 224 Fax: (408) 744 0607.


Safwan Shah, CEO, Infonox said, "The Active Payment Platform from Infonox has been designed with the total needs of our customers in mind.

"The upgraded Active Payment Platform provides faster integration, a wider variety of ready-to-go customization options and cutting-edge features to enhance relationships with end-customers," said Safwan Shah, president and CEO of Infonox. Safwan Shah does financial service kiosks and gaming kiosk right.

From academia and NASA to the founding of a self-service financial software and solutions company, Dr. Safwan Shah's story is hard to top.

With his San Jose, Calif., company, Infonox Inc., Shah is taking the financial self-service space to new heights. Safwan Shah is the founder and president of California's Infonox Inc.

Companies like Global Cash Access Inc., Vero Inc., Bank of America, Fleet Bank, IBM, Western Union and Verizon Wireless all have Infonox solutions standing behind them.

"We are kind of hidden in the background," Shah said.

With Global Cash Access, a company focused on the gaming industry, Infonox developed EDITH (Electronic Debit Interactive Terminal Housing), a cashless-gaming kiosk that prints vouchers patrons purchase with their ATM/debit cards. EDITH is designed to stand next to a slot machine, where it occupies less than 1-square-foot of space.

"We are launching a whole library of services in self-service," Shah said with excitement, and EDITH is just one of them. In fact, before EDITH, Shah broke new ground in financial self-service tech, with the development of the first biometric ATM.

Shah's wife, Ginni, says her husband's diligence is the reason for his success. Simply put, he never rests.

"Safwan does enormous homework on almost anything he decides to do," she said.

After leaving his home of Karachi, Pakistan, Shah hit the Far East before landing in the United States 17 years ago to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder.He went on to earn a Master of Science in electrical and computer engineering and a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering.

Safwan does enormous homework on almost anything he decides to do.He spends long hours studying the market, analyzing ideas and critiquing his own findings.After meeting wife Ginni, another computer scientist, in Boulder, Colo., Shah went on to pursue a career with NASA's BioServe Space Technologies.

At BioServe, Shah developed autonomous control systems for space.The systems were self-governing, self-healing and degraded over time.Ensuring that they continued to operate over the course of their life spans was Shah's job.

Not surprisingly, Shah says his work with NASA helped him lay the groundwork for what he would later do at Infonox.

From NASA to Infonox. Safwan ShahFounder, Infonox

Education: M.S. in electrical and computer engineering; Ph.D. in aerospace engineering â€" University of Colorado at Boulder

At Infonox, Shah develops software that "learns from itself."

"You see transactions that adapt and adjust in the face of ground reality," he said.

"I can recall providing Safwan with a basic concept of what I termed ‘Virtual Cashier,'" Sanford said.

Twelve months after the meeting with Shah, Global Cash Access deployed the machines.They were modified Diebold ATMs, upgraded to what are now called Automated Cashier Machines (ACMs), offering a litany of financial services, including biometric facial recognition.

"In retrospect, I find it amazing that in 12 months Safwan and his team were able to write from scratch some very complex ATM software, integrate biometrics using facial recognition, and write a new payment switch to drive the ATMs," Sanford said.

Shah carefully skirted many of the issues that complicated internetwork financial communication. It seems like a complicated series of successes, but as usual, Shah gives a pretty basic explanation.

"I take my work very seriously, anything I do," he said.

Safwan Shah (EE, 1985) is a member of the NED Convention 2007 steering committee. Currently the President and CEO of Infonox, he graduated in EE from NED in 1985 and worked locally for over 4 years. In 1989 he moved to the US and went on to get a Masters and Ph.D. (1994) from University of Colorado at Boulder. His professional career in the US includes positions with BioServe Space Technologies, a NASA center for commercial development of space and positions in various Silicon Valley companies. He co-founded Chowk in 1997 and continues to sponsor its evolution into the Web 2.0 era.

In 1999, he co-founded Infonox, the leading SaaS/enterprise software company in the financial services segment. Infonox has several Fortune 25 customers and is a rapidly growing company in its space. Safwan has also published several scientific papers and is a contributor towards several awarded patents.

Established in 1999, Infonox is based in Sunnyvale, Calif., with an additional office in Pune, India.

He has also acted as a judge in a software competition [The MITEF-OPEN Business Acceleration Program 2008 (BAP-2008) is going to be held at 3-8 PM on November 24th, 2008, at the Khurshid Mahal, Avari Hotel, Karachi and participation to the said event is free. During the event, five finalist companies of BAP 2008 would be making their presentations and the judges would be led by Mr. Ken Morse, MD MIT Entrepreneurship Center:

1) Ken Morse, MD MIT Entrepreneurship Center
2) Imaran Sayeed, Senior Vice President Global Industry & IT Solutions, Keane Inc.
3) Jamshed Khan, Vice President, Investments – Quantitative Services Group, RiverSource Investments.
4) Muddasar Malik, CEO BMA
5) Omar Hussain, President and CEO, Imprivata
6) Naeem Zamindar, Vice President & Head of Broadband Business Division, Mobilink
7) Jauher Zaidi, CEO Palmchip
8) Dr. Safwan Shah, CEO Infonox
9) Zafar Khan, CEO Sofizar



To complain to him directly about unfair Ban Chowqing of articles, contact:

Safwan Shah
Infonox, Inc. 980 Hamlin Court Sunnyvale CA 94089, USA
Tel: (408) 744 1700 Ext. 224 Fax: (408) 744 0607.


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