Friday, 23 October 2009

Jugni In Punjab

For the reading pleasure of Afat Qayamat (disaster-doomsday) and other Punjabophiles, here's the correct translation (real meaning) of a stanza from Rabbi Shergill's JUGNI:

Jugni goes to Punjab
Where the literate are jobless
They sell their land to go abroad
To sweep floors there
And to marry women so fair
While the family awaits their return

COMMENT: This is one serious social comment. Good job there Rabbi!

In a few of my short stories and articles I've touched upon more or less the same theme, and which Chowq Stuffed hate from the core of their cold hearts.



jugni jaa wadi punjab....
jithe padhe likhe bekaar...
bech zameenaa jaawen baahar...
uthe maaran jaadho....
uthe gori lain vewha..
peeche tabar take raah..

vir meryaa ve jugni....
vir meryaa ve jugni kehndi aa....
ek nayi udhari lendi aa....

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