Monday, 26 October 2009

State of the Potato Address

Read other ARTICLES by the author to find out why he is banned on Chowq's front page

Innocent CCC-ites:

First, thanks for those supportive i-logs. I am sure we can stop that silly Mrikan war in Afghanistan and Iraq with your help.

Second, I never asked you to bark up a wrong tree. Why did you descend en-masse upon ‘that’ RIGHT-her? Why have you given a hooker-stripper from a broken home a C-status ('C' is for cult, and NOT a part of the anatomy) when ‘it’ never asked for it?

Nobody should feel jealous of 'it' (some say, she is an 'it'). All you need to do is just laaahve 'it' to death. Do not worry about the thousands of clicks ‘it’ gets; mice—real ones AND computer types—do produce more clicks.

Someone said ‘it rocks’. Well, whether ‘it rocks' or not, leave 'it' alone with the rolling stones of Chowq, the unplugged types. Concentrate on the job at hand and do not blow in the wrong direction. Remember, what you are eulogizing can blow better at any time of the day or the night. But of course, I could be wrong.

Keep your dignity intact when facing someone who might have (I say, MIGHT HAVE) lost that something—which is as delicate as a bubble—to attain the so-called 'favourite RIGHT-hers' status. Alas, being a man, all I always wear are my trimmed moustaches that some editors do not find edible.

Disperse now, and let Saima Shah use her word processor to word her apology correctly. She is almost there.


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