Friday, 23 October 2009

Pak Fouz


"Posted by Fouz on Saturday May 9, 2009 09:36 am
I am new to Chowk so don't know nothing about the Message centre. Or the effects thereof."

You can send messages to others as well as to non-others (Chowq Stuffed) using this ingenius method! It has an effect upon Chowq Stuffed, that is nothing short of hypnotic! Do try it but never assume nobody's watching you!

"I never question the establishment because a)they always have a plausible excuse and b)its useless doing so since they won't change their policy just because we ask them politely or demand a reason. What I do is either agree (grudgingly or otherwise) to their version or take their s*** down, if possible."

Not questioning THEM means they will never improve from being computers to intelligent remote-controlled robots! Policies CAN and SHOULD change to reflect the 'zameeni haqaiq' (I abhore that term).

"That is why I was asking what sins have you committed to piss them off so badly."

Ask THEM the same question and in the same spirit. I never use a place other than the toilet to rid my body of liquid waste.

"Regarding your literary abilities being honed through this ban, I suppose we should hope for the same. Although its somewhat like making a poor person wear chastity belt in the distant hope that it might improve his love-making skills."

Belts only protect, they never help improve one's abilities.

"BTW, is there any formal method of protest or disagreement with the Editors? If there is, then my placard is ready."

What do you think I'm doing? Join the club!

"FOUZ: Arabic word meaning Success. Has been mentioned in the Quran a couple of times as in fouzul azeem, etc."

Thanks for explaining!

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