Friday, 23 October 2009

Munnu, Chunnu, Guddu, Puppu

 “The critic has to educate the public; the artist has to educate the critic."--Oscar Wilde

What does this pearl of wisdom from Oscar Wilde mean? Let's see it up close for the benefit of Chowq Stuffed.

The average Munnu, Chunnu, Guddu, Puppu is quite happy with Chowq. But as THE foremost critic of Chowq's policies, I'm educating the sleepy masses, and as an artist, educating my critics too--for free!

Many I-logs, Gallery images, and direct messages later, Chowq Stuffed stay deaf, dumb and blind to every suggestion and request. Staying unresponsive does not indicate one has decency.

I've said it before and I'll reiterate that this site is run by Hal-2000 computer, and we all know what this THING did in the movie SPACE ODYSSEY!

Hence, there are no visible ed-eaters, no editorials, no announcements, and no improvements. They're happy generating 1.1 million clicks per month and earning some Dollars through advertisements and aid from their sponsors (you don't want to know who THEY are).

Of course, there are other websites that will publish my work but that's not THE issue now.

What really (really really) hurts Chowq Stuffed is THIS:

1) Anything that makes the ex-patriots feel sad and guilty for having emigrated in the cause of the fallen Dollar.

2) Anything that makes readers wake up to the fact that Mrika is the greatest aggressor on the face of the earth, perpetually at war with the rest of mankind on one pretext or another.

3) Anything that shows Mrika in a bad light (because they spend so much money brain-washing everyone with the Mrikan Wet Dream).

What does NOT bother them is THIS:

1) Silly psycho stories or trashy theories.

2) Idiotic poems written by Matric-fail retired folks.

3) Anti-Islam or anti-Pakistan material.

4) Abuse hurled against writers and interacters who object to the insanity prevalent at Chowq. ('peonofthewest' is someone from Chowq).

5) The same fools appearing repeatedly with ever-changing nicknames who just generate more clicks for Chowq (some of them are from Chowq).

So there, you know the story now. Please don't forget to read my previous I-logs.

And where do you get to read my contributions that they published earlier is something that you need to work on in the quiet of the night.

Stay well and keep protesting.

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