Monday, 26 October 2009

Deathly Silence

Read other ARTICLES by the author to find out why he is banned on Chowq's front page


Here is what went on between the hallowed ones at Chowq and myself:


Exhibit ONE:

From: chowkstaff
To: tahir
Date: Sep 21, 2009 Mon 10:51 pm

Mr. tahir,

The ilog space it not for posting grievances. If you have a question for Chowk editors please email You continue to post imagined censorship of your articles (which btw you are free to post in your ilogs even if it does not appear as an article).

Secondly please review the interact guidelines, disparaging remarks about minorities, gender, nationalities etc will be removed.

If you still have doubts or questions we recommend that you clarify through private message to chowkstaff or via email.

We hope there will not be a need to continue banning your user id from interaction on Chowk.

Chowk staff


Exhibit TWO:

From: chowkstaff
To: tahir
Date: Sep 22, 2009 Tue 01:37 am

In future use the flag objectionable content link for moderators to review. It is obvious that this back and forth has been going on for a while, we ask at this point to move beyond who started it and start afresh and comply with the guidelines of civil exchange as outlined in the interact guidelines.

Thank you


Exhibit THREE:

From: tahir
Date: Sep 22 01:05 am
Subject: control them!

And what do you have to say to this?

(Here I referred to two provocative i-logs posted by two members from the ‘woof woof brigade’)

It CANNOT be a one-way street....


Exhibit FOUR: And for the record, they sent THIS warning to
another Chowq member!

"If you still wish to continue interacting on Chowk please select one user id. And pay close heed to the interact guidelines. Make your points without insulting other members.

If you have objection to certain posts by others you need to flag those posts. That is the process. Please start following it. Instead of name calling.

Consider this the last warning. Next step will be to remove all comments posted by masadi and your other ids."


Exhibit FIVE:

From: tahir
Date: Sep 22 11:23 pm
Subject: Doves and a rose?

First, I would like to know if I am addressing a lady or a lad; the title chowkstaff does NOT entitle you to receiving the same love and care as, say, Mrs Ginni Shah or Mr Whatever.

Second, I will reply to your complaints and settle things peacefully if you make it clear that you have liberated a few white doves and that your message to me (addressing me as ‘Mr Tahir’ and ending with ‘regards’) is not a thorn but rather a fragrant rose.

Third, I am quite relaxed these days, not because of Eid, but rather due to strange achievement of having all my work at Chowk saved from being destroyed. In an inverted Orwellian way, you can neither change nor erase the past.

Finally, good-bye—I must hug many fans on this festive Eid day.



Exhibit SIX:

Numerous messages were also sent to Chowq by myself and my supporters, asking them to ban the noisy members of the ‘woof woof brigade’. They have not, thus far.


Dear readers:

As you can see, total hypocrisy rules supreme on this one-way street called Chowq. They still allow to be posted, idiotic poetry and provocative i-logs addressed to myself or the fan club, despite repeated complaints. I said it long ago: it is Chowq itself that orchestrates such non-sense to generate those 1.1 million clicks per month.

There is no one in control at Chowq. If they want peace—I know they do—why are they so arrogant and stonehearted to sue for it?

I have posted this i-log because I gave Chowq editors until 30 September to respond. People with a sense of justice have already decided against THEM. Chowq must come forward and accept the facts.

Still, I wish them well IF they learn how to behave with writers.

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