Friday, 23 October 2009

Wherever The Mrikans Go....

Wherever the Mrikans go, destruction and killing follows; and now THIS!�6\10\story_10-6-20 09 _pg1_1

Note this angle now:

"US officials were in negotiations to make the premises an American consulate...the State Department had been in negotiations with the hotel’s owners to either purchase the facility or sign a long-term lease there to house a new American consulate...they were not aware of any sign that US interest in the compound had played a role in it being targeted."

Guess what? Poor Hashwani had second thoughts about the lease and lost the entire thing to Mrikan greed for destruction.

BBC covered the event but did not mention the above-mentioned 'Mrikan angle', while the CNN did not even report the incident!

May God destroy our destroyers.

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