Friday, 23 October 2009

Three Cheers For Bhabi, Hip Hip Hurray!


Female suicide bomber trained

LAHORE: The Eastern Turkistan Islami Party has trained a female suicide bomber in Waziristan, a private TV channel reported on Thursday. Citing a letter dispatched by Punjab Home Secretary Nadeem Hasan Asif to law enforcement agencies, it said the female bomber was wearing an abaya, and could target any building or important personalities. He warned all Punjab departments concerned to remain alert and vigilant, saying Turkistan Party terrorists also have plans to plant pipe bombs at key installations. daily times monitor


ETIP (Eastern Turkistan Islami Party), what a name the al-CIAda have come up with this time! The jobless strippers of the west are now fed up because this 'e-conomic downturn' is bad for the leather industry too; they're all coming here to lay down their sorry lives to serve our lost cause.

In short, our 'sensitive spots' are under threat now; they have always been throughout human history. Let's see what our insensitive 'gore-mint' does for protection, now that it is all 'in the pipe-line in the shape of 'pipe-bums'.

Anyhow, all the women who wear a 'hijabs' or an 'abayas' (portable prisons really) are now potential suicide bombers. But this very good looking wife of a friend who has recently been claimed by religion (of the veiling kind) has no problems at all at home; my friend still insists she's a bombshell!

And as Waheed Murad sang: Three cheers for bhabi; hiphip hurray!



3 bombers to target Lahore, Islamabad

LAHORE: One of the would-be suicide bombers arrested in Islamabad this month has revealed during interrogation that the Taliban have dispatched two bombers to Lahore and one to Islamabad. The information has prompted authorities to beef up security at all sensitive locations in the two cities, sources said. Describing the two suicide bombers dispatched to Lahore, sources said one was an 18-year-old wearing white shalwar kameez with a wheatish complexion and a well-trimmed beard. They said the second one was a 22-year-old of Pashtun-descent with a long beard, wearing a brown shalwar kameez. Police have also started a search operation following reports that 30 explosive-laden vehicles have entered various cities of Punjab, a private TV channel reported. aaj kal report/daily times monitor


Ten million men would fit the description the agencies have come up with. And 30 trucks are a bit too much; even one truck full of the 'imported from Mrika' stuff would be an outrage. It seems all terrorists first dutifully enter their names in a roll-call register placed at the border entry-points, and then go about their sorry business leaving no shred of evidence behind.

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