Friday, 23 October 2009

Another useless speech

Last night, the Pressy Dent said something of no importance to the masses. Right from the start of his double-speak, he made it very clear that it was all addressed to those who dress up in KHAKIs. What he unkindly touched upon, conveniently before the 'anal' budget, was:

1) Salary increase for the Khakis (WB-IMF be praised)
2) Establishment of a cantonment in Swat (DHAs be raised)

Now that three million people stand evicted from their homes--probably forever--and are out in the open occupying tents (the names of the responsible agencies are painted on them), and consuming tainted food provided by their killers, the land is doomed to become a giant Al-CIAda camp.

Tea-spoons like Dawa-e-Dill and larger serving spoons at Chowq may wish to purchase files of DHA Phase-101 (Swat, of course) from the nearest Askari Estate agent.

Pakistan zindabad, Mrika stooges murdabad.

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