Saturday, 24 October 2009

Miss Mari-Bosa Made Me Do It

Miss Mari-bosa:

What can I say? Nobody has ever thrown such an I-log at me! I cannot put into words what I really mean—perhaps I will pound on the family piano and sing a gut-wrenching ditty.

Your emotions will have negligible effect on the Chowq Stuffed; having emotions or listening to the readers in not part of their genetic make-up. Chowq is not the final frontier, although I keep smashing into it as if its a place 'where no man has ever gone before'.

You must not miss me in this fashion, instead, concentrate on the latest fashion. I see you turning quite blonde with grief. Don't do that for the sake of the one who runs your favourite beauty parlour.

Getting to read my articles is not a difficult thing to do; anybody with a butterfly's head on her shoulder can do it. The elusive membership form you ask me for is quite unformed as of this writing, but consider yourself lucky and IN anyway.

I understand that you're replacing those commercial breaks at the office with reading aloud of my material? Why must you laugh reading what I write when you have the face of your boss to provide healthier entertainment?

I select my songs very carefully, and cater to special requests once every hundred years. The government of India has very kindly entrusted me with the responsibility of ensuring that the younger generation realize how the previous generations thought and acted. It is indeed a cultural exchange experiment, and for rendering my services, I've not asked them for any amount of foreign exchange although our exchequer needs it desperately.

Thank you very much once again for your feminine concern.



The I-log that made me do it:

Dear Tahir,

Posted: Jul 12, 2009 Sun 06:54 am Views: 50 Interacts: 6

Yesterday was probably the most boring day at chowk. I must have gone on about 10 times to see if you have written something new...

I like all the songs you have posted and scrambled, All but one.. and that is “likhe jo khat tujhe” but your version of course was fun.

Write something.

If there is a form to be filled out to get to read your articles let me know when am I getting the FORM.
All of us that have a laugh reading you during our breaks here in the office missed you.

and I am sure that everyone on Chowk missed you as well.
Even the ones that bite..



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