Friday, 23 October 2009

What's going on in Lahore?

 First of all, the date is very important. Exactly 6 months after the Mumbai attacks of 27 Novemebr 2008! This is THE tell-tale sign for those who can see it.

Second, the time was nearly the same as that observed at all foreign-sponsored attacks as well as that of (inside jobs) 911 and 7/7 London! Again, there's a clear sign.

Third, they showed a document on various TV channels which was sent by the Interior Ministry (or something like that) to various high-ranking security related officers. It said clearly that it was 'NOT to be circulated' like a common document. The name of a certain person was clearly mentioned who it said 'was planning to attack'!

See: Punjab govt given prior intelligence�5\28\story_28 -5-2009_pg1_3

Considering the above, if they knew the name and the plan, why did they not prevent it? One must be totally blind to ignore warnings. But then again, who can withstand the onslaught of home-bred suicide bombers?

This is primarliy the evil fallout of taking our pants off for Mrika. At a secondary level, the evil folks allow such tragedies to occur so that the blood-money (paid in advance as foreign aid) can quickly be disbursed to silence public opinion.

Many car showroom owners have lost millions worth of cars, good folks have lost lives, and a beautiful city has been hit by foreign-sponsored extremist destruction.

And how's our media doing? Well Mrikan Richard Holbrooke, the US envoy to the region, is working on a media plan for Pakistan that would develop the government’s ability to disseminate information via new technologies such as cell phones!

We all know who gets the contracts for reconstruction. May God destroy our destroyers.

Think about it now.

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