Thursday, 22 October 2009

Answering Mrs. Minhas

#164 Posted by shandana on April 10, 2009 5:23:31 am
Re: # 161

"tahir sahib, pardon me for my lax response, had i realized it was fan mail i would of course have responded pronto, the entire purpose of my writing to date having been making myself popular."

Shandana sahiba, aadaab, tasleem. Sometimes fans are so good they become ceiling-mounted devices that just won't stop revolving. Which banned writer can see a ban-enforcing writer face to face and survive on Chowq?

"it is pointless to dwell on, in my opinion, because so many of us are so busy getting mad at the powers (both foreign and local) whose selfish, deluded choices brought us to where we are today that we are unable to focus on the future."

You'll find me in the forward block (remember Punjab) and never in the backward lot (remember Peshawar). When did I applaud for the dark forces? Darkness may appear to rule but God has His own ways. The international GWOT non-sense is now beyond anybody's control really. The sponsored spread of evil (and its sponsor empire) will end during our lifetimes

"but now that we are here we must figure out what we need to do to move on and move on already."

The yellow brick road is littered with Riyals and Dollars. How many men can move on without bending to pick up worthless paper? Very few I think.

"..the broadcast media in particular has been complicit in allowing the taliban to penetrate further into our lives."

And who owns these giant media companies, and what are their agendas? Have you studied these men and their means? Beware of the ego-pumping awards, these are traps laid out for writers.

"many thanks for your response, i would have got to it earlier but i got dizzy after skimming a few that seemed to deal only with whether or not somebody or the others mother was something or the other and went and read to my son instead."

I have no doubt in your mommy-abilities. It's just that you sometimes provide Chowq Stuffed with the 'choosni' they love stuffing into the mouths of the not-so-dumb readers.

By the way, I'm still very concerned about that bit (yes THAT bit) in your profile! How about using ‘word-smith’?

Spring season greetings.

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