Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Poor LakaR-hara

Posted by Kulharee on Thursday April 9, 2009 03:46 am

Tahir Yaar, I am not going to suggest the obvious: the absence of brains in your skull. But let me just say that you have taken on this responsibility unnecessarily, the responsibility of defending the religion that sanctions lashes for the weaker members of the society. I am sure you wouldn’t like to see lashes dispensed to your 17 year old daughter (or you may, who is any one to judge) for checking out neighborhood dudes.

Is it allowed for women to perform lashes on men in your shyt of a religion? If so, can you quote some Surah Shurah?


My answer:

Oye Axeman,

You behave like a weird 'lakaR-hara' sometimes.

All this is no trouble at all. Haven't you seen my profile picture? Bas naam hee kaafi hey!

The Qur'an prescribes much stiffer punishment for those who accuse chaste women and produce no proof. The production of irrefutable proof is extremely difficult which can only happen when a culture is so morally bankrupt (look around where you live) that gathering four eye-witnesses is no problem at all, and where women are free to do what they please in open (again look around New York).

Haven't you read anything except what MGAQ transferred in-directly into your brain?

I suggest you bring up your own girls well instead of worrying about my standards of fatherhood. You can only guess what I'd do to you if I were bringing you up, you naughty boy (look at the profile picture again).

And don't you know who provides and protects women in the natural God-sanctioned scheme of things? I bet living the kind of life you live, you've got it all mixed up in your head. Listening to too much rock and metal music does permanent damage to brain cells.

Give up 'Q-ism', repent and revert to Islam before it's too late.

Regards to all at home.

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