Saturday, 24 October 2009

That Thing Which Is In You (ooh...babe...)

I believe you've already seen the other two songs from Taj Mahal that I posted as separate I-logs.

Now I'm convinced that the entire film was shot using just one set.

The theme of the song is this: That Thing Which Is In You (ooh...babe...) Is Most Certainly Not In Your Minature (

Please appreciate the fact that they didn't have passport photos in those days but instead painted time-consuming miniatures using hair-raising brushing techniques.

Shah Jahan may have been staring more at the queen than minding the rebellions and the palace intrigues surrounding him.

Ladies, please notice the lovely 'jhoomar' the queen is shown wearing; shame on those who just wear torn jeans these days and think they look cool. No--THIS heavy metal stuff is cooler!

At 2:35, one gets to look at the queen and her designer jewellery. Wonderful stuff! And I haven't ever seen a more see-through 'dupatta' than this!

At 2:55, the queen appears to have sent a royal hint: GFAD (go fondle a duck). Yes, the appearance of the ducky pair in the pond justifies my hypothesis.

Much like Marilyn Monroe, the queen might have been a feather lady (00:45). Notice that she's holding a microphone in her right hand, all ready for a Karaoke session.

The situation is queer, to say the least. Our king has, not the queen, but her painting by the pillow--surely his mother's idea of a birth-controlled perfect marriage.

Grown men who subscribe to adult magazines ought to be feel ashamed witnessing our king's devotion to his ornately dressed queen.

But there's a flaw here: while the queen dances around in the royal garden wishing to seek his royal attention, all the man does is look at her painting! Who was his PR consultant?

Now, is there any need for me to print the lyrics here? Just dig the Sarangi licks and try playing them on a guitar.

* Movie: Taj Mahal
* Singer(s): Mohammad Rafi
* Music Director: Roshan
* Lyricist: Sahir Ludhianvi
* Actors/Actresses: Pradeep Kumar, Beena Roy
* Year/Decade: 1963, 1960s

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