Saturday, 24 October 2009

I'm Paula Abdul's Lyricst

Now, this is a very special song that was requested by Miss/Mr July and which I have dutifully translated in her/his mother-tongue: English.

Don't mind Amy Tab's pink and blue sweater, the pink carpet, and those pink drapes; they all suggest an obsession with all things pink.

This song is from a film called 'Kabhi Kabhi' which had Miss Pinky Pants playing the lead female role (thank you Gulzar sahib for allowing your wife to look at a man twice her own height and still smile at his bell-bottoms if not his minuscule bottom).

The ocassion is the All India Under-21 Playboys' Convention where they've all gathered to hear how Amy Tab became Paula D. Abdul's lyricist. 'Pal-do-pal' is only a secret code for the famous pop diva's name.

And now for the news in English:


I'm Paula D. Abdul's lyricist
Paula D. Abdul is my story
Paula D. Abdul is my hustler
Paula D. Abdul's (spoilt) my Gianni (Versace suit)
I'm Paula D. Abdul's lyricst

How many wordsmiths have come before me
And vanished trying to sell you for a song?
[The girl taps her index-finger on a special edition of an adult magazine]
Some returned after filling (your room) with oohs and aahs
Some sang songs and left (without any oohs and aahs)
[The girl touches her forehead smilingly to show that mind must rule over matter, and that Viagra is for wimps]
They were also Paula Abdul's kissers
I'm also Paula Abdul's kisser
Although I'd want a separation from you
Yet today I'm (game and a) party-animal to you

[By now the Under-18 playboys have crowded into the rear of the hall to lend immoral support to the Under-21 folks]

Tomorrow more gate-crashers will come to pick the blossomed buds (?) of my dear Najma
(And they'll be) better writers than myself, and better listeners than yourself
In the next twenty-four hours, someone will ask for me (at the counter)
But why should someone ask for me (at the counter)?
Why should busy Samantha, just for my sake,
Waste her time (and loose her 'bunny' status at the Playboy Club)?

[The girl decides to transfer, through a PINK cheque, all her earnings as a 'bunny' to the All India Under-21 Playboys' Club]


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