Friday, 16 October 2009

India, A Very Happening Place!

In Ahmedabad lesbians are out of the closet, in Lucknow they fantasize most about girl-on-girl action. Male prostitutes are popular with the ladies of Ludhiana while Chennai maamis think nothing of indulging in underage sex. In Patna adultery gets a high approval rating, and Bangalore goes Wi-Fi with wife-swapping when the batteries in their sex toys run down.

Kinky sex in Kolkota; sex with eunuchs (that's a new one on me, and please asks them during the next survey on what exactly happens with the third sex?). Anal sex? Ayyo wokay! Sado-masochism? Saru Che! Sharukh Khan and Arjun Rampal together? Bi Bi Bindaas! Pornography? Zindabad! And, of course, incest is best.

But Indian women seem to have had a figurative ghunghat firmly in place when it comes to answering personal questions for the sex survey conducted by this magazine.


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