Friday, 16 October 2009

Friends & Foes

Greetings to all!

From now on, I will NOT interact with those who are:

1) Directly or indirectly influence ChowQ in a negative way
2) Confirmed turncoats
3) Fake asylum-seeking green-CARDigans
4) Dubious pets of ChowQ Stuffed
5) Shameless in maligning Islam & the Prophets

The list of friends and foes is now very clear.

Please note that the following articles were gobbled up by ChowQ Stuffed as they were unable to get the required 'clearance' from their 'sponsors':

1) The mystery of the V-sign
2) A mango-crate bound for Heathrow
3) Hangman wanted
4) Married to Afshan
5) The ordeal of John Suitcase

Despite my gentle appeals they refused to listen, decided to play deaf and dumb, banned me for silly reasons (the real reasons I know very well), and downgraded this site to the level of--well, never mind the descriptive.

ChowQ is the REAL loser since their promotion of Islam-bashing has brought them to the notice of the concerned authorities.

I'm hopeful that the ChowQ Stuffed will read this message and CHANGE.

Peace to those who work for peace.

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