Friday, 16 October 2009

Go Away Sick Animals

This website is run by... well never mind, we all know...

Ever since India's agencies were caught with their pants down in Mumbai, the sick animals on their side have been wrongly barking up the Pakistani tree. They need to shutup now and instead question their sinking Navy and half-cooked RAW.

Did they get blamed for what happened at Islamabad's Marriot Hotel or in Lahore this year, or what is happening in Karachi right now? What condolences do they offer to Pakistanis? In fact, they feel happy at the destruction that they covertly sponsor (Tafa London-wallah muradabad).

What's worse is our demented ex-pats (ex-patriots) abuse all-things Pakistani, and have fun with the Indian side. Let me ask you, how many times do Indians abuse their institutions you sick dual-passport holders?

SICK ANIMALS, that's what they are really, always insulting Islam and foaming at the mouth while speaking of Pakistan.

Well, good-night now.

Long live Islam AND Pakistan.

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