Thursday, 22 October 2009

A Letter To The Dying

To Whom It May Concern

Anonymous Indu-Pak Chowkies,

What others say to you is their business, what the silent majority has not uttered is their fault, but I will not mince words and here is what I must say:

It is strange that some address me as Tahir jee or mian (normally a sign of respect) and then continue with their pet hate routine of abusing Prophet Muhammad (peace on him) and Allah the Sole Creator of what we can and cannot see. Occasionally some of you ask me questions about the Qur'an and I answer them with references, not in the hope that you will all shift to the mosque with immediate effect but rather expecting that you would truly feel ashamed of the hurt you continue to cause to the Muslims who gather at ChowQ.

Are you folks the ministers of war and destruction, and will you act as avenging angels on behalf of the entire Indusia? Can you drive forward non-stop, without fixating at the rear-view mirror? What are you folks? Now that the colonialists have set you free, is your pet hate to mistrust Muslims living amongst you, and to deceive them on a daily basis with the assurance that you are their friends, neighbours, or caring colleagues at workplaces? I can see you shaking your heads in an affirmative. Do you indulge in all that while still maintaining hearts full of poison? This is a disease called hypocrisy, and the sooner you rid yourselves of it the better.

The most venous amongst you is Arjun who continues to hide behind ever-changing nicknames, dying many deaths at my hands right in the middle of the Chowk.

It is a different Chowk where you are getting what you truly deserve. I asked you politely, angrily, and in every possible way (except the naked 'sadhu' way) to stop abusing Muslims and all that is held dear by them. Is this how you really behave in Indusia—assuming of course that some evil interactors actually reside in one of the Andaman Islands?

And now that you stand as exposed as the naked ‘sadhus’ of Kumbh Mela, you cry foul, glorify shamelessness, eulogize asceticism, continue insulting Islam, and persist in preaching debauchery which you place on a higher platform than God’s revealed religion? How misguided are you, what nerves of aluminium you have, how Coca Cola runs in your veins, how wickedly excited you look throwing coconuts from the tree-tops! The source of your hatred is a compelled respect for the superior qualities of a Prophet called Muhammad (peace on him).

Chowk staff are not invisible (Safwan, Gini, Beena, Umair, Sohail and others), and remain answerable before God and the Muslim readership. Their IP addresses, URLs, phone numbers and other details are visible to those upon whom God has bestowed seeing eyes. No real man (or woman) will attempt to hide between the ones and zeros of technology.

Having taken a lunch-break during this battle, I have stopped under a banyan tree to knock some sense into the heads of all Islamphobes one more time.

Now dig deeper into yourselves or withdraw silently into the burrows.


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