Thursday, 22 October 2009

And You Were Saying?

Q: "I do not understand Sanskrit. We have a noble religious heads who explain the cream of the holy scriptures to us."

A: We face the same problem; not many know Arabic (the language of the Qur'an). The preachers in their lectures (Friday sermons etc.) gloss over things. The result: certain ideas out-of-the-Book become fixed in the mind while others are not entertained at all. Individuals find little time to search or re-search on their own. You know how important 'payt puja' is. Its only when one sits down with the texts, perhaps a few translations (for comparison) and an odd dictionary or two, the details and the secrets manifest themselves in all their glory. The receiver once tuned in, now begins to receive perfectly.

Q" "only if you attain full control over your six enemies namely, kama krodha, lobha, moha, mada and matsara"

A: I remember these things (from the Buddhist Scriptures which I read many moons ago):

1) Kama (lust)
2) Krodha (anger)
3) Lobha (greed)
4) Moha (delusion)
5) Mada (arrogance)
6) Mat-sarya (rivalry)
7) Dambha (pride)
8) Asuya (jealousy)

Q: "There is no time limit for this and your deeds are recorded on merit. If you do bad things, there is a payback period either in this life or the next lives."

A: Of course, everything is 'on merit' in Islam too with the exception that we are given only ONE life-time to work out things--only a monocycle instead of a bicycle or a tricycle! Perhaps that is why you folks are in no hurry while it may seem that Muslims are forever running to the mosques and praying excessively. For us, there is a lot to balance really; daily chores, legally allowed (not 'haraam') income, the duty to one's family, and duty to God (five times a day). And add to that the active struggle against all that is forbidden and evil, while calling towards all that is good (yes, JIHAD)’, as explained, either orally or in written form, by the long chain of Prophets, who repeated the same essential truths—with slight variations according to the need of the times and geographical location.

For Muslims, payback time can be:

1) In this life AND the eternal one
2) Or only in the new life after death which commences from resurrection. You know, 'hisaab kitaab' day. How and why the wicked ones enjoy themselves, oblivious of the final judgement, has been beautifully explained by the Qur'an. The devout always see the leash as a rope long enough for the wicked to hang themselves a million times over, according to the severity of the sin.

What cannot be denied is the problem with reincarnation, with endless chances of improving oneself. The complacent attitude of I'll-do-it-better-next-time also brings with it the excess baggage of mysteriously remembering one's previous lives, both the concepts not entertained by any Prophet of God.

Q: "Underlying idea is 'do not hurt the atman' that resides in other human being. Don't cause any hurt to him if he does not hurt you. Perform your earthly duties and ultimately surrender to the God. God is one (Paramatma) call him by any name."

A: This is pretty much in agreement with our revealed precepts, the most essential being the concept of TAWHEED (oneness of God, without any partners to share). Any adulteration in 'Tawheed' is totally unforgiveable, and entails Divine rejection!

Q: "Ramayana and Mahabharata...stories of animals and beasts.."

A: The Qur'an mentions some animals and birds but the great emphasis is laid on stories of the Prophets and their struggles against all odds. This unshakeable belief in Divine help and direct connection with the Ultimate Reality is what gives good Muslims their inimitable upright character.

Q: "Parents, guru (teacher) and all other benefactors are gods to you."

A: My friend, here we differ: No god but God (Allah is singular, neither male nor female, was not born, does not give birth)!

This is the 'Kalima' for Muslims (a most simple profession of faith) to which is added, 'Muhammad is His messenger'. To affirm who brought the message across with fidelity is extremely important since God does not reveal His secrets to the vulgar and the profane. Every other man claiming to be a Prophet of God (or a promised Messiah, a concept not supported by the Qur'an) remains to this day good business for mad men supported by the devil himself.

The debate of why you consider the terms VEDIC and HOROSCOPE sacred, must reach a logical conclusion someday soon.

I will now end this message with wishes of peace and prosperity (I am not done yet with those who have abused Islam and the Prophets unnecessarily for a long time here), and earnestly hope that misunderstandings that might have been troubling you stand dispelled now.

As-salaamu alaikom.


PS: I think it was Nemesis who asked me to comment.

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