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Greetings, fellow Roamans! Lend me your biological listening apparatus.

If a banker can pester you to open an account, why mind this writer exercising his right to open your mind?

Oh but why?

My name is Tahir Gul Hasan and I am not a journalist.

I create socio-political satire with fire, throw in a bit of science-friction, tell non-returnable truths and hence pay the purifying dues (zakah) in full through my pen.
Read - for thy Sustainer is the Most Bountiful One (4) who has taught [man] the use of the pen (5) taught man what he did not know!
The Qur'an, Chapter 96, verse 3) 
I started this blog because a certain silly website that published most of what I wrote became arrogant, its ADMIN refused to listen, and its visitors turned into abusers and detractors when I—:
  1. Countered their anti-Pakistan propaganda
  2. Showed them how the rest of the humanity viewed the drying up of the American ‘wet dream’
  3. Posted rebuttals to anti-Islam elements, atheists and satanists
  4. Opposed and then satirized the debauched views of their sponsored 'favourite' spin-doctors'
Many of those blogs were cyber battles of words; they are now part of my personal history.

Glad to be of service on earth

I was born normally and bred well. After finishing school, I went on to study history, English literature and other subjects at the non-elitist University of Hard Knox.

Widely-traveled, I have written for Pakistani newspapers (Dawn, The Nation, The News), some magazines (Humsafar and Air Safety magazines of Pakistan International Airlines), and the now-defunct Chowk.

Why won't they wake up?

The reason that the bourgeois are chicken-hearted is that they consume large quantities of farm-chicken, hence they stay in-organic. Notice how mostly the poor masses in poorer countries end up protesting and getting beaten up by the police.

I am not a Pakistani with a dual nationality; being just a Pakistani is pure bliss. I shall not have two tongues, a split personality, or divided allegiance.

I shall not stay away from the heat of our Pakistani kitchen or vainly hope to change things through discussions or remittances of Dollars, Pounds and Riyals.

What shall we do then?

Although life is too short to do all what I wish to do, the important thing is to do something rather than worry about being able to do everything.

Why hasn't the mainstream media discovered me?

Mainstream media editors shy away from printing truthful views such as mine. They would rather have readers read Hollywood gossip and solve crossword puzzles all day than make the sheeple think. Thinkers are feared simply for their ability to change the human condition.

I wish to thank all the readers for their patient support over the years. As for those who hate me, their hatred is nothing but LOVE whose 'USE BY' date has expired since long.

15 October 2009
Email: writersblocktgh@gmail.com

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“The critic has to educate the public; the artist has to educate the critic." —Oscar Wilde"

Now Art should never try to be popular. The public should try to make itself artistic."

—Oscar Wilde

"The parable of the life of this world is but that of rain which We send down from the sky, and which is absorbed by the plants of the earth whereof men and animals draw nourishment, until - when the earth has assumed its artful adornment and has been embellished, and they who dwell on it believe that they have gained mastery over it - there comes down upon it Our judgment, by night or by day, and We cause it to become [like] a field mown down, as if there had been no yesterday. Thus clearly do We spell out these messages unto people who think!"

—The Qur'an, 10:24

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I prohibit the reproduction of original material posted on this website unless I wink at you or you take me out for a nice dinner. And I will NOT be held responsible for the contents (or the implied meanings) of external internet web sites that I might reproduce here from time to time. Only I know what I truly mean here and readers are advised NOT to misconstrue the meanings, quote me out of context or jump to their own conclusions.
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