Thursday, 22 October 2009

Stand Up And Be Counted

Dear readers:

Greetings of peace to you all.

I am glad that many have come to realize that attacks against Islam are methodically whipped up in the mass media. This is how it works: the supporters encourage, the perpetrators stoop to newer levels of depravity, and the audience just watches consuming popcorn.

Let me tell you, Islam is a complete way of living, and not disjointed bookish theories that cannot work in reality. They have worked in the past and will again work; just wait and see.

Unfortunately, those who malign God's True and Final Word can only see things in the crystal ball of either their own hate or that of the sponsored warriors bent upon destruction. Let me clarify first, THAT is not Islam. Second, what transpired in the remote Indian past cannot be undone. The blame of the attacks, the battles, and all the attendant destruction cannot be pinned on one man: Muhammad (peace on him), a man whom Muslims revere as the last Prophet of God who clarified Truth and pushed darkness back to where it belonged. Indeed Islam’s message has universal appeal.

Here at ChowQ, not only do Islamophobes refuse to read the Qur'an (now that the entire world wishes to know what is written in it), they quote debauched Internet sources and satanic individuals to push their agendas.

When sustained but subtle attacks become openly hostile, there is only one answer: active struggle against evil. Yes, JIHAD, is THE word that strikes terror in the petrified hearts of the destroyers of this world. THIS very thing is set to ruin their usurious picnic on Wall Street (and elsewhere globally) to force it down to ZERO INTEREST RATE. It has happened!

The real problem at ChowQ is that most of the interactors are shipwrecked as far as their Motherlands are concerned. With dollars flowing in their veins, why should they care? But they do show they care by slapping the face of the very land that produced them or their forefathers. They never long to return except when they wish to get married here, or when the Grim Repear sends their used bodies back in wooden caskets. While they live, they bite the hand that feeds them; when they die, no place is better for burials than the home they left at the mercy of the agents of the neo-colonialists.

I demanded from men of reason to register their protest with ChowQ so that the blasphemers and atheists know who they are up against. The odds are stacked against THEM both in this world and the hereafter, but little do these vile creatures realize as they bite away at the root of all that is holy and precious. Their demons hold them by the forelocks and make them do what they do.

My experience on this sponsored website has convinced me that it is run by Godless forces that seek to only spread the gospel of free (meaning: irresponsible) speech. They hastily ban those whom they consider a threat to their demented way of thinking. This site is unfit for young impressionable minds, and many who loved it initially have come to hate it. A few contributors here sit like as if they are mafia dons; managing to scribble whatever their dried pens can muster. But getting published is not the axe I wish to grind here.

What is the true worth of this site anyway? A few rotten eggs here—with forever-changing nicknames—annoy perfectly peaceful readers. I have written dozens of protest messages to ChowQ Stuffed but have never received a single reply; appalling arrogance. Notice how quick they ban sensible men and not the blasphemers. This website is a rudderless ship whose control remains in the hands of a few pirates. By not addressing problems, ChowQ has shown it does not care.

ChowQ is an abandoned illegitimate child. ‘All are welcome to read, write and think’ it claims, all so untrue. To register their protest, I did ask individuals to stand up and be counted. Some have indeed responded positively; still more sit on their hands thinking whether they ought to condemn or not. And the truth is this:

A certain character presently named Arjun-48 (he gives a bad name to Bhagvad Gita's Arjun), posted two pictures here on ChowQ that showed the Holy Qur'an placed inside a flush. He made disgusting comments that repeatedly provoked Muslims, much like in the Danish cartoon issue.

Arjun-1, started life as a worm and evolved into Arjun-48, dying—in a manner of speaking—forty-seven times at my hands, and ChowQ always helped him reincarnate.

What I now need is an apology from Arjun—if he is still alive. If he reappears for the forty-ninth time, it will show that he has the complete support of ChowQ to launch ugly attacks only against Islam (not Christianity or Judaism).

I also demand a sincere apology from ChowQ for causing mental pain to all Muslims here. If they fail to offer it, I will highlight the issue at whatever forum I deem suitable. This is not a threat; it is a Muslim’s promise.

ChowQ’s apology must also mean that it will never allow anti-Islamic filth to re-appear in interacts and other sections of the website. It must ensure that people do not use abusive language, and if they do, ban them permanently.

ChowQ has done great injustice to its original ideals; it must undo it now. Deathly silence on its part will shift the entire responsibility of what will follow on its own shoulders.

Finally, I am grateful to those whose conscience finally pinched them into supporting a just cause. Even if one person reading this manages to retrace his steps to decency, I am a happy man.

I wish peace to all those who wish me peace.


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