Friday, 16 October 2009

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10) Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
Tahir Gul Hasan
Apr 17, 2008 interacts: 51 Views: 7838
I am late for the Glasgow-bound flight, and although I do say the usual at the check-in counter, my favourite seat near an over-wing emergencynexit is already taken.

9) The Snow Will Melt
Tahir Gul Hasan
Jan 14, 2008 interacts: 76 Views: 14335
"So what happened to that Fokker which crashed in the mountains?" sipping coffee, she (Benazir Bhutto) took the words right out of my mouth. Did Billy and Dabbu speak through her?

8) In Search Of Baby Chips
Tahir Gul Hasan
Dec 21, 2007 interacts: 15 Views: 4311
I switched on the projector inside my head, loaded up a dusty reel from the 1960s, and began: ?Once upon a time there lived a little boy who often visited Lahore's Anarkali bazaar...

7) The Wild Side Of The Mall
Tahir Gul Hasan
Nov 6, 2007 interacts: 18 Views: 5535
They changed the name of The Mall Road of Lahore to Shahra-e-Quaid-e-Azam years ago. I was too young then to object and since old habits never die, I will, with a cynical smile, call the lifeline of Lahore by its old name: The Mall.

6) Uncle Sam Talking in His Sleep
Tahir Gul Hasan
Mar 28, 2003 interacts: 13 Views: 5425
Assorted pearls of wisdom from the U.S. State Department

5) The Yellow Coup
Tahir Gul Hasan
Feb 8, 2003 interacts: 13 Views: 5109
Are we all living in a yellow submarine?

4) Halloween
Tahir Gul Hasan
Oct 20, 2002 interacts: 90 Views: 13064
What hope could one have from misled leaders to protect the cultural and religious borders?

3) Look Ma, No Pants!
Tahir Gul Hasan
Dec 12, 2001 interacts: 13 Views: 6607
Any user of a public domain name like Osama Bin Laden is neither a trademark thief nor a patent pickpocket...

2) Right Burqa, Wrong Lips
Tahir Gul Hasan
Oct 21, 2001 interacts: 52 Views: 10995
We watch the stride and the quickness of females to judge their age

1) Never go to Chaanga Maanga
Tahir Gul Hasan
Sep 20, 2000 interacts: 104 Views: 15284
Chaanga Maanga; what a name!

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