Friday, 16 October 2009

PLAYBOY & the Christmas spirit

PLAYBOY has got into the Christmas spirit – by putting the Virgin Mary NUDE on its cover.

The controversial mag's latest festive offering is sure to kick up a storm in Mexico where it was released yesterday.

In its December issue model Maria Florencia Onori is featured posing as the Virgin wearing nothing but an angelic white cloth.

The release was timed for the day before Mexico's traditional Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a celebration of an apparition of the Virgin in the town.

Its headline reads in Spanish: "We adore you, Mary." RSS


And elsewhere:

Pop star Madonna’s antics are lustful, a stain on humanity and offensive to God, a retired Roman Catholic cardinal said Wednesday during a mass....

Madonna performed in Santiago on the Latin American leg of her ‘Sticky and Sweet’ Tour to promote her album ‘Hard Candy’. “The atmosphere in our city is pretty agitated because this woman is visiting and with incredibly shameful behavior provokes a wild and lustful enthusiasm, Cardinal Jorge Medina told the congregation. “Thoughts of lust, impure thoughts, impure acts, are an offense to God and a dirty stain on our heart."

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