Thursday, 22 October 2009

Namaste Nemesis

Namaste (नमस्ते) Nemesis,

That which is of the Divine in me greets that which is of the Divine in you.

ChowQ did not publish this earlier, so here I am!


Re: # 89

I believe you're referring to my post #28 to which an air filter was applied by ChowQ Stuffed!

"Only thing that peeved me was your treatment of the words 'horoscope' and 'vedic' both of which are sacred to us"


Now, as far as I know the term Veda means 'knowledge or wisdom'. Would I be correct in saying that it appears as a noun, only ONCE in the Rigveda (RV 8.19.5) and has been translated to mean 'ritual lore'?

yaḥ samidhā ya āhutī yo vedena dadāśa marto aghnaye / yo namasā svadhvaraḥ

"The mortal who hath ministered to Agni with oblation, fuel, ritual lore, and reverence, skilled in sacrifice."

So, how is this TERM sacred? We too have a word for knowledge: ILM. So, ILM is only sacred if it (comes from and) deals with God, not with Charles Darwin!

By the way, my PhD in wordplay sometimes creates problems in the minds of simple-minded readers here at ChowQ.

It is said that Hinduism is a monotheistic religion with one God (Brahman) assuming many forms and names. Hence, what is revealed by Brahman to the truly devout (Muslims look up to prophets) could indeed be considered sacred.

And notice Sanskrit bRAHMAN! We only know (through the revealed Qur'an) the Arabic term 'ar-Rahman' (The Most Gracious)! See what I mean? Explain that to Laddu, Arjun and other destroyers.

Now for the word HOROSCOPE, how is THIS word sacred to you?

Your nickname means, 'the goddess of just punishment or vengeance'.

Your turn to explain now!

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