Saturday, 17 October 2009

Dear Yours Truly

Dear Yours Truly:

Usually THAT sign off comes at the end!

Let us answer your obervations and questions one by one:

"On one hand I appreciate your anthusiasm for our country, but unfortunately hindu is absolutely right."

Thanks, we don't need THEM to tell us what's wrong. We KNOW brother! There is a blister on our buttocks, but must we go about naked in the streets around ChowQ? This is not the place. Very little reform can take place here; the real one must take place in the minds and hearts of those who inhabit the lands around Indus. I do abhor the arm-chair ex-pat philosophers abroad telling us what to do.

"Instead of defending our sorry state we must do something to change it."

Yes, bro we are in the grind and every day brings more hope (Muslim trait) not despondency (satanic trait).

"Look, you cannot imagine how musch it hurts me to say this but Pakistan is already a failed state."

America and other countries are failed states who still advertise unashamedly how THEIR system works and our doesn't! Ours will work if they let it. They interfere with our growth, walking into our bedrooms (in a manner of speaking) and taking over love-making, telling us how we don't meet THEIR standards etc. God-cursed, THEY are the 'gone astray'.

"Name just one institution that is intact today."

Humanity; the helpless milllions have not lost faith. A time will come. When? I don't know.

"Take for example, the haramkhor fouj - contrary to its mandated constitutional duty it has turned Pakistan into a slaughterhouse of its citizens"

The die was cast long ago. The vampire has struck too many times, and I'm afraid the victims are beginning to love this blood loss.

"the american outsourced torture cells are spread across the country - 10s of thousands of citizens have disappeared from the face of earth."

If you knew anything about the real men who run the show (not GWB or Blair!) on planet earth, you would have your answers in a minute.

"We have parliament that was doctored by the agencies of a dictator so that he could rule pakistan till the day he died."

And then the organiszers of THIS ensured that THAT dictator never got prosecuted for his crimes (remember The Hamood-ur-Rahman Commission Report?)! So who brought HIM? And through what event did he ascend the Pak throne?

"That is just another thing that he became a costly liability for the masters he used to serve."

Wrong! He did the part assigned to him. He had to prove it THEM. This is the satanic way that has been paved for the unbelievers to suffer eternal damnation. Such devils are frequently awarded Nobel Peace prizes!

"We have a jahil and corrupt judiciary who piss on constitution without a thought."

And Islamic legal practise will be the first thing they would NOT want because it is quick and cheap, and does NOT require all the trappings of modern man-made law.

"Isn't it the fact that we are currently ruled by a Prime Minister who is jahil and dabba pir who makes people worship dead babas and graves. We are ruled by a crook of a president who had cases of corruption not just in Pakistan but around the globe and they vanished only because imperial amerioca wanted a puppet regime in Pakistan. Isn't it the fact that this asswhole has murder case registered gaianst him for the murder of his own brother in law? We have a parliament who has no idea what their function is whom do they serve? So we are ruled by jahil, drug pushers, crooks, and murderers.

The facts will be laid bare soon; or perhaps God will allow the beasts to enjoy and then deny them any share in the Hereafter. Our MAN has a role to play. One murderer murders another, so what? These are condemned souls, bereft of God's True Grace.

"I am going to bang my head on the screen and ask you people what the f...k else is a failed state? What elese would it take to say that NOW it is a failed state for crying out loud."

If you could change things by hitting the screen, I would not stop you. But one requires God-given energy and help to tackle problems that seem insurmountable. So, I would say, although it feels, smells and looks like a failed state; it is NOT! Why? Because until each and every soul out here begins uttering the same devilish mantra, it will remain what it is: a state run through Western remote control.

And with this we come to the end of our daily transmission.

Fluttering flag: Pak sar zameen shaad baad!

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