Friday, 16 October 2009

Bashers Of Their Own Heads

Bigoted non-Muslim Islam-haters:

You're worse than some of the sects within Islam who insist on repeating lies that they call 'historic events' and wish to get even despite the passage of 1400 years; THAT is cursed hatred and pure waste of time.

So what are you going to do now that you've suddenly dicovered something that you believe is true? History is mankind's victories and defeats, highest acheivements and darkest moments. What do you wish to pursue?

Come out of this dark cave of Akbar-did-this-and-Shiva-did-that. Every man is responsible for his own sins (thanks God for that); don't attempt to hold those alive now responsible for those who are lying in their graves. You will face your Creator one day and THEN you may complain as much as you like.

Return to the purity of your own (hidden) faith's precepts while dispassionately understanding a thing or two about others.

There is scope of reformation in Islam as everything must be brought down under one microscope called the Qur'an. It is indeed nice that while care to talk so much about Islam, you shy away from studying it. But why would a Hindu (dweller by the Indus) bother knowing anything about the Qur'an?

If God had wished mankind to know the exact interpretation of all the verses, he would have sent down a hundred volmes. It is our job now to find out how they unfold in these times.

The Qur'an has shades of meanings, which unfold according to one's bent of mind or mental state. Those who are doomed are doomed to wander blindly because of their own ignorance and self-deceit, while those who see the light of truth work diligently towards attaining spiritaulity while being obedient to their Creator. What's wrong with THIS?

Sponsored and brain-washed (by satan) dead men walking cannot be called representatives of a living religion sent for the benefit of the entire mankind by the One who is neither born (as we understand it) nor ever dies like we do bodily.

As long as you worship One God and understand your place in the scheme of things, you may have some hope of eternal salvation. But if you persist in wordplay, vague accusations, and corruption (moral and other wise), you are doomed in the final chapter. If you're enjoying yourself doing all wrong, it does not mean that you won't pay spiritually or otherwise; everyone pays.

God's constitution for man is in accordance with his inner nature. Man-made laws change with the ever-changing political regimes and the dicatates of the times, while the hidden motives remain so and often devoid of real meaning. Is the Amercian cosntitution really being followed? Is the Pakistani one in tact?

An undressed person cannot lecture the world how to dress up well.

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